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Khamoshi Episode 32 Review-Disgusting As Usual!

JEEEE! Farigh hi tha! For the ones who watched it, this line is enough to explain the situation. Those who didn’t watch it, well you did well.

Arsala: Marti bhi to nahin hoon main! I think she should die now as a saving grace for this drama. It will also send a fair lesson that people who do not stand up for themselves and keep waiting for a knight in the shining armour (Shahram) die. The initial episodes were okay to justify that Arsala was in a shock that how her family could treat her so badly. But now, after 32 episodes her haaye haaye about the whole scenario is not making any sense. Things might get all flowery in the last episode for her but I’ll never be able to wrap my mind around it. They have shown that Arsala happily goes to people who called her characterless in front of the whole city. And what was that Khamoshi main hi unki jeet hai about? If you know that do something about it. But no, she wants to die.

Shahram is so free most of the times. He should appoint that assistant in his place because he is the one running everything since Arsala’s arrival. He just keeps bouncing between Tahseen’s office and Zubiya’s home. And he also has problems with not preserving his self-esteem. He keeps running back to Arsala and is marrying that SHARRRAMMM for her. Baaqi pooray Karachi main koi larki nahin rahi?

It was good to see Atif coming back to his senses. The whole Naima’s invitation and the meeting was so stupid. The worst being their mother. You use that money to eat, pay bills and shop. So, at least have the courtesy to defend that money if not your daughter. Yes, I have seen there are mothers who behave this way. They have a very partial behaviour and sometimes it becomes difficult to picture them as mothers but this is insane. She keeps behaving like her daughter is working at some brothel.

At this point all the makers have established in the minds of the viewers is that yes, Arsala deserves this humiliation because she has no backbone to defend herself!

P.S: The next episode is not the last one again!