Khud Parast Episode 22 Story Review – Stagnant

Opening Thoughts – Stagnant:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast was slow. Ever since Hanan & Beenish have moved out, the pace of the drama has slowed down considerably & nothing has practically happened to take the story forward. So far the focus is mostly on how Hanan & Beenish are emotionally scattered & how Uswa is being pressurized by everyone to get married. Even though I still enjoy watching Khud Parast because it is my favourite drama from the current lot, I want things to move on now & show us what life has in store for all of them.

Same Old Same Old:

Hanan got to know that Hoorain was upset & she was unable to perform well in academics. Hanan is doing everything in his might to provide for Beenish as well as Hoorain but because Beenish hasn’t gotten a closure, she is stuck in a rut because of which Hoorain is getting affected. Even though Hanan is struggling too & he is heart broken but he has gotten himself busy because he has a responsibility of supporting Beenish & Hoorain. As far as Beenish is concerned, she has isolated herself & because she doesn’t have any distraction, she keeps on thinking about what she went through. Even though Asma does her counselling & she tries to talk Beenish out of whatever depression she is facing, Beenish finds it hard to put everything behind & move on. People haven’t stopped gossiping about Hanan & Beenish, which is another factor that prevents Beenish from forgetting everything & moving on!

Bakhtawar tried to contact Hanan & convince him to come back. It is unfortunate that even though she has her eyesight deteriorating, Bakhatwar still hasn’t learnt her lesson. Yes, Moeez’s cold attitude & his second wife did remind Bakhtawar of the fact that Beenish was such a mindful daughter in law, she still couldn’t bring herself to admit that. Till date, Bakhtawar finds it hard to forgive Beenish because she knows that it is because of her that Hanan has taken a stand & has moved out of the house!

Uswa got pressurized by everyone to get married to Adeel. Zarina, Zoya as well as Adeel are persistently trying to convince Uswa to say yes. Even though Uswa doesn’t stand a chance of saying no but it was interesting to see her standing her ground & telling Adeel honestly as to what was bothering her & how she didn’t want to jump into this pit again. It is quite nice to see that even though so much has gone wrong in Uswa’s life so far, she stands tall with her head held up high because in her own opinion, she hasn’t done anything bad & has only saved herself from the toxic environment & relationship that she was in while being married to Hanan!

Closing Thoughts – Please Move The Story Forward:

Overall, this episode of Khud Parast was slow. I am definitely eager to see the story moving forward where now Uswa will face the brunt of wronging someone innocent for her own selfish reasons. Everyone has acted brilliantly in this drama & I wish to see Beenish doing more than just being a homebody engulfed in her sorrows. I must say, one factor that has consistently remained outstanding in Khud Parast is the dialogue writing. It is so amazing how the dialogue writer has kept the conversations so meaningful & insightful. I love listening to what all the characters have to say & how they express their emotions. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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