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Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 06 Review – The Confession!

Ohkay so, this episode of Khuda aur Mohabbat was as always amazing. I truly appreciate how even though the pace of the drama is pretty decent, the director has put in some extra effort to give considerable amount of time to the aspects that need utmost attention like Hammad & his growing feelings for Imaan, without making the episode’s pace seem slow.

The day finally arrived when Hammad was going to get a chance to confess his feelings to Imaan but before that could happen, Hammad came across a lot such barriers which let him know that this journey won’t be easy & seamless. Hammad refused to get committed to Narmeen because he felt they both were two different people. Hammad has his reason & being a mature & independent guy, he was right in feeling that he was entitled to at least choose a life partner for himself. Hammad’s mother’s reminder to him about Abrina & Narmeen’s father being a share holder in Amjad’s business put Hammad off big time because for Hammad, none of these things mattered at all, not in the past, not in the present & won’t matter to him even in the future too. Hammad in fact loathed the idea of his marriage being nothing more than a business deal for Amjad Raza but no one in his family understood because they all are so used to such relationships which are formed on the basis of monetary benefits!

Anyways, Haya succeeded in making a way for Imaan to go to the Haveli so that Hammad could say what he wanted to. Molvi Aleemuddin had to agree because he knows that Nighat is the only friend his daughters have, but then again, his permission came with a lot of ifs & buts. Anyways, Hammad literally went to fulfill his dream of confessing his love to Imaan, without even caring about what his family expected from him because they were in a rush to make an announcement about Narmeen & Hammad’s engagement.

Then came the moment where Hammad got a chance to pour his heart out to Imaan, only to tell her how much he wanted to be with her & how he wanted to make her a part of his life. Hammad’s confession was heartfelt & absolutely genuine because you could feel the pain he was going through by seeing Imaan all confused, scared but also the pain of knowing that he might not get a chance to see Imaan again, so he had to put this opportunity to good use. It was actually good that Hammad got enough time to tell Imaan how pure his feelings & intentions were. Also, unknowingly Imaan left a token of remembrance for Hammad & the way Hammad cherished it was just so sweet. It was absolutely beautiful how Hammad felt at ease after confessing his love to Imaan, he now knew what he wanted in his life & how hard he’d have to work for it.

Imaan most certainly didn’t take everything lightly because she felt disgusted with the thought of being betrayed by her sister & her best friend. Nighat got a chance to explain herself but then again, she had to give Imaan a chance to speak up because Nighat knew what she did was wrong on so many levels & this wasn’t something that Imaan would’ve tolerated in any case. I really like the friendship these three girls share, their friendship is just so pure & refreshing.

After his conversation with Nighat & after learning about the gravity of the situation that Imaan was dealing with Hammad had to break it to his parents especially his father that he was so not interested in Narmeen or the business deal that his father was looking forward to because Hammad was in love with Imaan & wanted to get married to her. It was good to see that at least Hammad’s younger brother Emaad supported him as he knew that his brother was not wrong in wanting to get married to Imaan as she was a very decent girl. The fact that everyone found it unacceptable was that Imaan was Molvi Aleemuddin’s daughter & they were no where near them in social status & standing. It was sad to see them putting Molvi Aleemuddin down & also judging him thinking that he send Imaan to trap Hammad. Things have become quite interesting & I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

Overall, this episode was done really really well. Like I always say, I will say it again, I really like the detailing they have added in this season. I loveddd the usage of the OST in this episode too especially in the scenes after Hammad met Imaan. Imran Abbas is such a strong & flawless actor, he actually made me understand every single emotion that Hammad was feeling, before his confession & after his confession too. Massive props to the director for directing this drama beautifully. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat!

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Zahra Mirza.

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