Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 18 Review – A Very Good Episode!

Ohkay so, I am glad that this episode restored the faith that I had in the story of Khuda Aur Mohabbat. I enjoyed watching Hammad’s journey, like everything related to Hammad was quite interesting & was portrayed perfectly as well. I liked the pace of this episode too because now that I have sat down to share my views on this episode, I feel a lot has happened & they gave us a lot to speak about. I will say that everything that the writer showed especially in this episode was quite realistic & believable because Muslims that are living in such countries will be able to relate to these events on a personal basis.

So, the episode began with Hammad getting to know about the current political situation where Muslims were being verbally attacked only to ignite more hate crimes against them. Hammad & Kamran’s reactions were believable because any Muslim living in such a country where the leaders openly speak against Muslims & Islam would make them feel vulnerable & threatened. Just because Hammad has had a religious awakening, his thought process was completely different & far more wise in comparison to Kamran & Rebecca’s because he understood that in such a dire situation, the only way to make yourself feel accepted was to portray a very different perspective of Islam than what the media portrays. Hammad understood that in this current situation all he had to do was portray a true picture of what Muslims are like & what Islam teaches its followers to do, which is something almost all the regular & practicing Muslims feel when they have to face such a scenario.

I actually enjoyed watching how Hammad despite being disheartened & threatened came up with a plan of forgiving & letting everything go because he knew that this path might be difficult but it will surely reap rewards & this is exactly what happened by the end of the episode. Zeeshan as usual attacked Hammad because he is a bully on the loose & luckily Sara spotted them & saw what exactly happened. Isaac definitely has a personal vendetta against Hammad because like Sara while speaking to her mother discussed, Isaac can not stand Pakistani Muslims as according to them all of them are extremists. Isaac has seen how Hammad has gotten himself involved in the Muslim community & the activities related to it, that is why he has formed a very strong opinion against him, having said that I do understand that they had no other way to show how Isaac was getting to know about Hammad’s activities & interests but I found it actually quite amusing that Isaac walked on Hammad just when he was seeing his Muazzin friend off, like that walk-in-the-park-near-Masjid seemed a little forced but chalo, it’s alright!

Just because Isaac is biased, he decided to punish Hammad equally for what Zeeshan did but it was quite interesting how Hammad decided to bring Sara into the picture as may be he had this faith in her that she won’t lie or also because he wanted to test them & see where they stand. Isaac was obviously taken aback by the fact that Sara decided to support Hammad & not her cousin Zeeshan but this is exactly what I wanted to see in Sara’s character & I loved it. Isaac obviously had no reason to punish Hammad but he most certainly didn’t expect that Hammad would not only forgive Zeeshan but would also request to cancel out his punishment as well, like it was good to see Isaac getting a very subtle reality check which forced him to admit that Hammad was a ‘nice boy’.

I liked that they didn’t only focus on Hammad being the only Muslim facing the racism & problems, rather they highlighted how Kamran, an owner of a small business was also feeling the brunt of the political situation that was putting Muslims in the spotlight. Even though I understand Rebecca’s concerns as Hammad’s friend but I found it a little uncalled for that every single time Hammad did something, she had to whine non-stop about it & had to question his decisions. I am glad that at least Hammad has 1 sane & wise person by his side who shares the same mental wavelength as Hammad’s & can understand Hammad’s perspective & that is his Muazzin friend, I really enjoy their conversations. It was actually quite beautiful that his friend told him to cover for him & give a call for Fajr prayer in his absence, like at that moment Hammad realized how Allah elevated his status & he was reminded of all the things his traveler friend said where he told Hammad that such rewards are given to very special people. It was like at that moment Hammad felt that all his prayers were accepted & that he was someone very special, may be that is why Hammad found this inner strength in himself which told him that he could fight his enemies with a lot of patience & could change their perspective about him & Muslims in general.

So, Hammad & Sara became friends, firstly because Hammad had to thank her for supporting the truth & testifying in his favor & secondly when Sara had to thank him for forgiving Zeeshan. It was good that at least the first step that Hammad took hit the perfect spot where he succeeded in changing Sara’s perspective about him a little. Hammad handed her over some books about Islam because he knew that she is also a victim of misunderstandings about the religion, so he thought these books will definitely help. I am sure this is something that won’t sit well with Isaac because he already is feeling a little threatened by Hammad’s steadfastness in the path of his religion!

Overall, I had a great time watching this episode because the focus was on Hammad & then on Sara. I must say in a few scenes that Hammad & Sara shared, Imran Abbas & Kubra Khan’s chemistry was amazingggg, like they looked so good together. I just can’t wait to see their love story now like I am already excited. A little mistake that I picked was Hammad telling his friend that the dean of the university being a ‘Muslim’ himself was against Muslims, like at that moment I thought Hammad was misunderstood & may be later he would find out that Isaac is not a Muslim but later in the episode when Hammad gave Sara those books knowing that she is Isaac’s daughter sealed the deal that Hammad was completely aware of the fact that Sara & Isaac weren’t Muslims, so this was basically a mistake that the director overlooked which he shouldn’t have, like at this stage of the drama they can’t afford such mistakes because they are serving a bigger purpose through the story so a little attention is most certainly required. Kubra Khan once again gave me a reason to become a fan of her acting. Imran Abbas was amazing as usual. I know it would sound mean but I actually felt this pleasure seeing Rebecca all forlorn when she spotted Hammad & Sara together, like while she was feeling jealous & hurt, I was smirking that she is once again going to get ditched. I am sure if another actor had played the role of Rebecca, I would’ve felt some sympathy for her but not for this actress. Also, can someone please pick Zeeshan from his ponytail & chuck him out of the drama because just like I am getting tired of Rebecca’s rants, I am getting sick of Zeeshan’s ghundapan too & can I add how he overtakes Rebecca in being annoying, hands down! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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