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Lashkara Episode 14 – Review!

Lashkara 4

Lashkara 4

Ohkay so, this episode of Lashkara gave is an insight into Bubbly’s state of mind which was a result of her predicament. I must say I am so happy with the pace of this drama because every single episode has so much to offer & takes the story forward a great deal!

Saima tried to make Bubbly understand that she shouldn’t keep things hidden from her mother at least. Saima was right but then Bubbly was right too because she knew that Kulsoom’s bubble will be burst soon anyway so she wanted her to be happy for the last time. I love Bubbly’s character for this very reason that even though people see her for her beauty & what’s on the outside, but from the inside, she is so much more than that. Bubbly got married to Feeka because she put her family’s reputation ahead of her & now once again, like a mature married daughter, she was putting her mother’s happiness ahead of her too. I also really like Saima’s character because even though people see her as a bookworm but she has a personality of her own too where she is in touch with emotions, is observant, doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinions & when needed, takes charge of the situation that too authoritatively.

Feeka was broken but unfortunately, no one could console him or undo his pain. I so wanted Nasreen to do something about it but she chose to stay silent. I think in stead of just letting Nikki be, Nasreen should actually probe & ask her about the things Bubbly said which clearly indicated that she didn’t know how to type a message. Even though Nasreen finds it hard to believe or trust Bubbly but I have a feeling she knows Nikki is behind all this or even if she doesn’t, I see her wise enough to connect the dots & know that there must be a solid reason behind the hatred that Nikki has for Bubbly because of which she must have done something to cause her pain. It was sad that Nasreen just let Feeka dwell more & more into depression & chose to stand there helplessly whereas she is the only one who can fix everything if she takes charge of the situation & puts her mind to it!

At this stage, it is only Sunny who can actually help Bubbly but sadly, he is locked up too but a part of me was happy to see him in the precap of the next episode because it does look like Sunny will try to do something about it. Saima told half the truth to Nasreen & Muneer but she didn’t go into details as she knew that this was not what Bubbly wanted. I so wish Iqbal understands how because of him Bubbly feels awkward in front of Feeka’s family. I really can not believe that Nasreen fell for Nikki’s little act & told her to stay, despite seeing Feeka’s emotional & mental state. Well, Feeka did bring Bubbly back but it looks like he wants to punish her for shattering his trust on her. I so hope Bubbly just doesn’t settle for whatever Freka will throw her way & with Sunny’s help she will try to clear her name. Let’s see!

Loving this drama so far & I am enjoying everyone’s acting too. Please share your thoughts.

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Zahra Mirza.

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