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Meer Abru Episode 13 & 14 Story Review – Loving It

Meer Abru Episode 13 & 14 Story Review - Loving It

Opening Thoughts – Complete Package:

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Meer Abru finally revolved around Abru’s state of mind & the actual reason why she finally felt Saim was the right person to get married to. I love Meer Abru for the fact that the emotions & everything that the characters go through have been conveyed so perfectly that it helps you understand their struggles & actually makes you feel for them a lot. I also love the fact how the scenes have been generally executed with so much happening in the background that it somehow completes the entire picture.

Abru Finally Made The Decision:

Saim convinced Abru to think things through before making her final decision. It is actually so nice to see that Saim not only understands Abru’s confused state of mind but he also wanted to let her know that he is going to support her no matter what. Saim decided that he should try for the last time to see if either Abru or Meer want to be with each other then he will do what it takes to make it happen but Abru had her reasons & Meer had his.

Meer & Abru weren’t meant to be, that is why Meer decided not to budge or give Abru a benefit of doubt & ever since Abru saw how Saim was putting his trust in her, she kept on getting convinced further that he was the right choice & he won’t let her down ever. Abru did give everything a second thought that too because Saim told her to but then as things unfolded, she realized that Saim was not only going to complete her, he will become a son to her father & a brother to her sisters, which was super sweet.

I love the relationship that Ahmed shares with Abru especially, since she is the eldest, Ahmed has a very strong bond with her because he knows that she understands his emotional struggles too. Saim decided to lessen the burden of Ahmed by extending full financial support but then he actually expected that Ahmed will keep it a secret from Abru which obviously was hard for him to do. Ahmed was getting separated from his daughter & he was emotional, therefore he couldn’t keep it from his beloved daughter that she was marrying a thorough gentleman who was winning their hearts right from the beginning. I feel because Ahmed also knew that Abru was still in a bit of a fix & was unsettled, he let her know how nice Saim was to put her heart to ease. The scene where Abru wholeheartedly accepted Saim & told him that she had no doubts about him was super sweet. In that scene I actually felt that they both immediately shared a strong chemistry because Abru had no inhibitions left & Saim was now at peace too knowing that Abru was finally free from everything & she was ready to spend her life with him. It was executed brilliantly.

Meer continued to suffer but he made it very obvious to the entire family that he was not thrilled about Saim & Abru’s marriage. Ghazanfar & Jamal were still in the dark & didn’t really know why Meer was behaving this way but apart from them, everyone very well knew the reason behind Meer’s unusual behavior. Saira felt for her son so much but she had to put on a brave face for Saim because he is like her son too. Where Saira was trying hard to happy for Saim, she was constantly feeling the pain as she knew that her son Meer was not happy. Sometimes I feel Ghazanfar & Zaibi would’ve made such a nice couple because they both seem totally compatible with each other but then oh well. Every time I see Ghazanfar being angry & screaming, I chuckle because I feel it will take a toll on his health. Poor soul!

Waleed has started ignoring Haya but then this was his plan all along. For Waleed Haya is just his trump card that he will use in order to bring Abru down. Haya is unable to understand the reason behind Waleed’s changed behavior but then she will keep on guessing because she can never even imagine that Waleed was never sincere with her to begin with. Sana is still concerned but then Haya is not going to give away any details to her however, it was nice to see both of them coming together & enjoying Abru’s wedding. Their dance sequence was done so nicely too like effortless & still coordinated. Abru’s expressions where she saw her sisters being happy left me teary eyed, I just love Abru’s character. Also, another moment I noticed & loved was when Haya fixed Sana’s dupatta during Abru’s Nikkah, it’s moments like these that actually make everything very real & relatable.

Finally, Saim & Abru got married. The way Abru immediately stopped making an eye contact with Meer after she got Nikkahofied with Saim went to show that she was now going to maintain that safe distance from Meer & it was like she was consciously reminding herself that she now belonged to Saim. Meer was heart broken & Saim was relieved, it was like even right till the moment Abru said Qabool Hai, Saim was unsure of what she will do but when she said it, his heart was put to ease. Their first interaction as husband & wife was really sweet too!

Closing Thoughts – Loving It So Far:

Overall, these episodes of Meer Abru were superb. This drama just keeps on getting better. Sanam Chaudhry is the star of this drama & she surely has carried it on her shoulders like a champ. Noor Hassan is another star & so is Mirza Zain Baig. All the actors are doing complete justice to their characters & they all have owned & nailed their characters. I wish Jia Ali hadn’t tried so hard to speak in English, because it does look like she is struggling & she sounds super fake. Not even going to even say anything about her make up & styling because it’s a well-established fact by now. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the drama. Execution brilliant, direction brilliant, acting brilliant, story & dialogues brilliant, overall feel brilliant. Loving it so far. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Meer Abru.

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