Mohabbat Aag Si – Episode 20 & 21!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Mohabbat Aag Si were interesting too & revealed some more truths about Apa Ji which were absolutely shocking & sickening. I really am interested to see how the writer will bring justice to those who have been wronged by Apa Ji because right now she is in such a mode where she doesn’t see anything wrong in what she does & doesn’t even for a second feel guilty to be ruining so many lives which makes her the ultimate villain in the story!

I think it was very intelligent of Saba to arrange everything on her own once again to show it to Wajahat to make him believe in her. Even though I wasn’t sure about Arshad’s involvement in the matter but the way they linked their paths made it look very convincing. World can be small at times & that is why, Taufeeq fell for Arshad’s sister & Saba came to know about the CCTV Camera through the man responsible himself. Arshad also got his questions answered about Sharifa & Saba learned the truth about Apa Ji’s low caliber. I really believe Saba should’ve understood by now that Apa Ji is not an easy contender to bring down, therefore without giving any hints to her she should’ve told Wajahat about what she found out. I think the time Saba took between threatening Apa Ji & waiting for Wajahat gave Rukhsana the edge to come up with a new plan & brew a storm in Saba’s life & oh, the victory dance that she did later was hilarious.

To be honest, it was shocking to know that Apa Ji crossed all boundaries & limits just because she was in love with Arshad. I think this has always been her problem that whenever she loved someone, she didn’t care about the consequences at all. Apa Ji also loves Sidra & she would go through the pain to meet her every single night putting her image at stake but again, Sidra’s all that matters to her. This refreshed the point that I made in my review last week too that Apa Ji needs someone to channel out her affection at as first it used to be Arshad, after him, it was Sidra & now when Arshad’s back, she promised she wouldn’t meet Sidra again. I think it was quite evil of her to get Arshad involved in her family politics. This brings me to Bee Jaan’s notion of how Rukhsana would be the one who would ruin everything in her life because of her own self. Rukhsana is living in a fool’s paradise if she thinks she can make Arshad feel bad for her miserable life by exposing him to these petty issues in her life.

Witnessing Rukhsana’s evilness served as an eye-opener for Arshad because the things he later said to his wife made it look like he regretted making a promise to Rukhsana. I am sure Arshad could have never imagined how bitter she has become & to see it all himself shocked him too. I am sure Arshad is also going to be the one who would testify in favour of Saba because he wouldn’t allow the guilt to destroy the peace of his mind. Arshad did seem eager to earn her apology & that is why he made a promise to her but now I am sure it wouldn’t take him long to back out because he can see that Rukhsana’s up for no good & she is deceiving her own brothers. I am sure Arshad would soon understand that she is not the same person he loved before & she has come a long way in her hatred that she has no turning back, which will compel him to cut ties with her once again leaving Rukhsana empty-handed once again!

Honestly, as much as I do understand that Saba’s keen on making Wajahat understand & getting him introduced to the real face of Rukhsana, as much as I also am with her in this battle, I really think she should do it without the motive of winning Wajahat over because he is not worth it. It has happened multiple times that Wajahat didn’t stand by his wife & made her face the brunt for being the one who is questioning Apa Ji every step of the way. It’s the same Wajahat right, who took a stand & fought with everyone for the sake of getting married to Saba, so now when she has become his wife, why is he taking her for granted? I really don’t understand why does he put Apa Ji ahead of Saba? Yes, he loves his sister & respects her the most but I think he needs to have a balance in his life & if he can’t have it & loves being in his own Lala-land built upon the bed of misunderstandings then he for sure is not worth it. It was sad to see Saba being blamed for the things she had no idea of. At least Saba is trying to talk about the things that do exist & are a part of Rukhsana’s life & personality but the way Rukhsana comes up with one lie after another seamlessly makes me feel she should really have a very tragic ending.

I am not too sure what to make of Sharafat & Samia’s track. I really think if they will lose their baby it would only be because of Sharafat & his blind shareef belief on Apa Ji & her dam darood. I accept that couple for being simpletons & slow but that doesn’t mean Sharafat has to defy the basic logic & need of doctors & medication every time Samia’s not feeling well. Honestly, when I think about how Apa Ji has succeeded in fooling her brothers through all these years, it seems unrealistic because it’s a known fact that boys have all nighters when they’re studying & also if someone listens to songs that too in the middle of the night when there’s hardly any noise outside, boys do tend to notice. I really now think the mental state & attention span of both Wajahat & Sharafat is questionable because respecting someone is one thing but being blinded by someone so much that you can’t put two & two together is another.

The preview of the next episode didn’t give away much but I am sure Arshad is going to play his game. Oh, the way Apa Ji helped Sharifa in mending her broken ties with Arshad went to show that if there’s someone that Apa Ji feels bad for & loves is Sharifa because she has been with Apa Ji for a long long time. I think Sharifa will get deceived too because Arshad doesn’t seem that serious about her. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Mohabbat Aag Si.

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