Munkir Episode 4 & 5 Review – Not Too Convincing!

Ohkay so, honestly speaking, if you want to watch this drama considering it solely as a ‘drama’ then it might work for you because the developments in the last two episodes made the loopholes in the script stick out like a sore thumb. Everything in this drama is not making sense while still making sense, if that makes sense, lol, because it shows that the writer took a lot of chances & didn’t worry much about the fact that he needed to add some realistic touches to the scenarios to make them convincing, that is why the drama is just unfolding without much depth in the situations!

It was quite evident even before the drama began that the story is going to revolve around a love triangle & may be in the end, the heroine will win by getting the love of her life but then the way the writer is taking things to that part of the story is coming across quite unconvincing. I really think that they could’ve omitted Zain & his family’s role all together because now when I am getting to see Runa & her fluctuating thought process & feelings, I am left wondering what was the need of Zain & his family in this drama. They could’ve just shown that Runa went to see Sister Kathryn & planned on a small vacation & that’s when she met Gulrez only to fall in love with him because as much as I see her getting inclined towards Gulrez, I am forced to have some not so good opinion about Runa in general considering she is about to get married!

Runa & Gulrez have been spending a lot more time together, which again is a loophole because when the drama began, they suggested that Runa was just about to get married in a few days but now, ever since she has left for Murree, it seems that her wedding is not happening for another couple of months, which again brings me to my point that there was no need to show Mehandi function because we all know, Rukhsati usually happens a day or two after the Mehandi function is conducted. It is quite unrealistic that Runa is buying herself more & more time without even feeling the need to go back to Karachi as if she doesn’t have to attend her own wedding. Also, ever since Runa has come to Murree, it looks like Sister Kathryn has taken a back seat & Gulrez has become her priority where she is exploring more about his past & is investing all her time in getting to know him better, as if she has a future ahead of her to spend with him. If the writer wanted Runa to spend so much time in Murree, then he could’ve showed that Zain & Runa just got engaged & now there was a lot of time in their wedding because then it still would’ve made sense that Runa didn’t know Zain so she fell for Gulrez because to see her as practically someone else’s bride, falling for another guy doesn’t put her in a good light.

I really want to know which terrorist or suicide attackers are such chickens emotionally like Gulrez is because if all the suicide attackers were like that, then the terrorism would end even before commencing. Before the drama even began & I got to know that we’ll be seeing a love story between a girl & a terrorist, the entire idea did seem to work but ever since the drama has begun, it hasn’t been tackled in a way which would grab my interest as I am finding it a little unconvincing that Gulrez has forgotten all about his mission & is now taking tantrums from weird Anjum & is eyeing Runa every chance that he gets. Gulrez even took Runa to his sister’s house & made her attend her wedding. Does Gulrez not realize that there’s a huge & quite strong network which might be monitoring him so he is indirectly putting Runa in danger too?

Seriously, if they had shown that Runa developed & explored her feelings for Gulrez herself, then it would’ve made far more sense because it would’ve added weight to the situation that Runa realized that this is the guy that she wants to spend her life with because right now the way Anjum brain feeds her looks like Runa has no mind of hers & she is just falling under the influence of her weird friend who has nothing better to do in her life than to brain-feed her friend into believing some weird fantasy. At this moment it seems that Runa only thinks she is in love with Gulrez because Anjum has planted that seed in her mind. I find it quite amusing that Runa has started taking Anjum seriously who herself is a flirt & has zero patience when it comes to boys. To be honest, all the conversations that Runa & Anjum have about Gulrez & all the things that especially Anjum says about him make them both seem quite desperate & love deprived as if they only came to Murree to have an affair with the first guy they come in contact with. It is amusing that without even having any idea about who Gulrez is, where does he come from, what is standard is (standard not in the sense of financial background but education, upbringing & stuff), what his ideology & philosophy of life is, Anjum thinks she knows all about him & just because she has seen some sympathy in Runa’s eyes for him, she thinks this is ultimate LOVE that Runa was after & he is an ideal & perfect Mr. Right for Runa. I found myself laughing quite hard when I heard Anjum speaking so highly of Gulrez as if she knows him in & out because the truth is, he is a suicide attacker & a terrorist, so it makes Anjum seem so so so stupid & ignorant to the core because she thinks she knows so much whereas the truth is, she is just an immature ignorant spoiled brat who needs to learn a lot of lessons in her life!

To be honest, all the talks that were happening in Zain & Runa’s families about Runa being interested in someone else or stuff seemed quite out of the place because now when the wedding it at the verge, these are probably the last things that should be on someone’s mind as all these matters are spoken about & confirmed before finalizing the proposal. Like I have said before, things would’ve made much more sense if they had shown that Runa & Zain just got engaged & the wedding wasn’t just around the corner because then Runa’s feelings for Gulrez would’ve seemed justified that she had no idea who Zain was & what he was like, so she fell for the guy she got to know in person.

So, this is what Sister Kathryn had to say & do? LOL! I am disappointed. Yes, like they have shown & made a point that no one knows Runa better than Sister Kathryn that is why she immediately realized that Runa was in love with someone else & she was getting married to someone else but then again, if that’s the case then what’s the difference between Sister Kathryn & Anjum? To be honest, I have yet to see & meet such people in real lives who brain wash the brides-to-be into believing that the choice that they are making is wrong for them? What about sending your friend or your daughter-like student with bucket loads of duas before she steps into the new phase of her life? I found it quite amusing that Sister Kathryn had to say the exact same things that Anjum has been saying ever since Runa & Gulrez have come across each other, like is this what the fuss was all about & is this what Runa had to meet Sister Kathryn for? Duh!

Anyways, I think we can just watch Munkir as a time pass without expecting too much sense from the story as the writer has made up his mind that he is going to bring Runa & Gulrez together against all the odds & by defying the common sense, so there’s nothing that we can change so it’s just better to watch it without expecting much from it. I seriously can’t stand Maryam Nafees, I know she has those looks & that personality but she really needs to stop playing these kind of bratty roles because she has a prowess of taking things a bit too far, that is why my irritation level gets a bit too high every time I see her on screen. Rest of the actors are doing a pretty decent job & is it just me or Runa & Gulrez look more like siblings rather than adults who have fallen for each other? There is practically no chemistry between them but then what can we do! Please share your thoughts about these 2 episode of Munkir.

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