Pukaar Episode 6 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode introduced us to the life Samra will be living in Fahad’s home after him & they surely made this episode quite convincing because the direction & the acting of Yumna Zaidi was spot on!

Samra clearly had an idea that her life will be difficult in Fahad’s home, that is why, while talking to her mother, she named it as a ‘punishment’ that she chose for herself but as the time went by, she started to realize that no matter how much she grieves, there was no one in this house who sympathized with her.

Laali Ma took the responsibilty of torturing Samra to no end & ironically, she was shown to be a God-fearing woman but when it came to being compassionate & courteous, she lacked these traits completely. Laali Ma gave Samra’s mother a clear indication that she wouldn’t allow her to take Samra back with her & even though it was hard for her to accept, she gave in. Samra’s father’s concerns were portrayed nicely too because in those brief encounters that he has had with Fahad’s family, he clearly understood what sort of people they were & that is why he was upset that they stopped Samra from coming with them.

Laali Ma started making it obvious to Samra that there were very strict rules that she had laid for her which she had to abide by but I loved that despite mourning the loss of Fahad, Samra didn’t just completely forget who she was & continued to reason with Laali Ma & made her speechless!

Samra’s friend tried to further put things into perspective so that she could convince her to leave this place as soon as possible. Aimen dreaded that if Samra must’ve fallen pregnant, she would never be able to come out of this prison all her life. Well, Samra actually became pregnant which means now Fahad’s family will have even a stronger hold on her. It was nice to see Zulekha & Samra’s bonding, at least there was someone who sympathized with her. Also, I found it unconvincing that Tashfeen was nowhere to be seen & didn’t bother visiting Samra even once. Tashfeen did inquire about Samra from Zulekha but in general she has given full authority to Laali Ma to do whatever she wants with Samra which is irrational!

Overall, it was a decent episode. The preview suggested that Samra’s problems are far from being over because now Fahad’s father would want her to contest in the elections, obviously it will guarantee him sympathy votes in this case, let’s see what Samra’s reaction will be. Even though this episode was good & everything else was shown convincingly, I am taking a star off because I don’t agree with the ‘white’ outfit that Laali chose for Samra & also the way she suggested that Samra should be given limited food. It’s about time to break free from these irrelevant norms & it is sad to see them being unnecessarily reinforced in this drama. Please share your thoughts.

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