Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 25 Story Review – Intense & Engaging

This was one of the best episodes of Pyar Ke Sadqay because there were so many moments when you wanted things to go a certain way but then the writer made sure that she kept the viewers on the edge. Tonight’s episode was also really important in terms of story and character development. Although the story is at a really ‘typical’ juncture, I feel so connected to the central characters that I genuinely feel whatever they are going through. The credit for that goes to the writer for etching-out these beautiful characters and the actors who have given such outstanding performances. Yumna Zaidi is one of those actresses who never rely on make-up therefore I am pretty sure that the director must have asked her to sport this look even at such a crucial time. Yumna’s performance has been absolutely phenomenal throughout but Mahjabeen really should not be shown wearing any make-up at the moment.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 25 Story Review - Intense & Engaging

Abdullah’s confusion continues but he is clearly more inclined towards Mahjabeen now than he was in the previous few episodes. Washma got a lot of screen time tonight and she played an important role in giving Mansoora a reality check. Mansoora continues to act like a teenager who is madly in love! This episode showed the fight between good and evil like never before and I was almost sure that Mahjabeen’s parents’ faith in Allah will make them sail through these tough times, then I watched the preview of the upcoming episode which was seriously disturbing. This drama is getting more intense with every passing episode but I must say that it has my undivided attention. Munshi sahab will die in the next episode and that would be the turning point of the drama. Using a character’s death is not the best way to bring about major changes in the story but that is something our writers do all the time. I have a feeling, I might have a difficult time forgiving Abdullah after all this!

Mahjabeen’s Innocence and Confusion

For the most part of this episode, Mahjabeen was confused. She wanted to do something to help her father but at the same time, she could not bring herself to do what Sarwar wanted. Even when Washma was making her understand the situation in her own style, Mahjabeen wished Abdullah well. She is convinced that Abdullah does not love her therefore they should not be together. Right now, in some ways, Mahjabeen seems like the sanest character. She is not being selfish but is actually thinking about everyone else except herself.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 25 Story Review - Intense & Engaging

The questions Mahjabeen asked her mother went to show her confusion. Her dream was used intelligently by the writer to show her growing fears. It was ultimately because of this dream that she shared her fears with her mother. I really liked how her mother stood by her and gave her the confidence she needed at this time. Salma Hassan and Yumna Zaidi are so convincing in their respective roles.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 25 Story Review - Intense & Engaging

Washma Is Back!!

Yes! The good news is that Washma is back in action. This episode opened with Washma finally paying Mahjabeen a visit. After she found out what had happened, she went back to confront her mother. This confrontation scene was so well-acted out and directed, I absolutely loved the intensity with which Srha Asghar translated her character on-screen throughout this episode. When Mansoora hit her, I thought maybe she will disappear for a while but thankfully that didn’t happen. She went to visit Mahjabeen once again and this time around she found out the truth. All these scenes were written convincingly and executed well too. The only issue was that every time Washma went to Mahjabeen’s house, she could easily let herself in. This happens in Pakistani dramas so often, people just leave their entrance doors open!

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 25 Story Review - Intense & Engaging

Sarwar and Mansoora

In this episode, it was quite clear that deep down Mansoora knows that Sarwar is capable of doing everything he has been accused of. She is too in love with him to let him go! Therefore she has made this really poor choice of sacrificing her relationships and even her values for this man. Although Mansoora’s character makes my blood boil, tonight her character made sense. The writer has shown that Mansoora cannot live without Sarwar therefore she is willing to do whatever it takes to make him stay in his life. Sarwar also knows that only too well! In the previous episodes too we have seen how she let Sarwar get away with beating Abdullah up. Whatever Washma said to her was true but it did not shock Mansoora at all since she is already well aware of the fact that her husband cannot be trusted and that she is being fooled.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 25 Story Review - Intense & Engaging

Sarwar’s scenes were really disturbing tonight. The scene in the prison especially showed his darkest side. He is getting even more dreadful and evil with every passing episode. It seems like he will eventually be the one to show his true colors to Mansoora.

Abdullah and Shanzay

There was a time when Abdullah used to compare Mahjabeen with Shanzay but now he is constantly comparing Shanzay with Mahjabeen. The phone call tonight and the way Shanzay laughed at Abdullah’s expectations should make it easier for Abdullah to make his final choice. He said that he had signed the divorce papers but we don’t know yet whether the divorce is final or not. Abdullah misses Mahjabeen and wants her in his life but there is too much pressure on him from Sarwar, Shanzay, and even his own mother to end his marriage with Mahjabeen. I really wanted Abdullah to tear down those divorce papers because it is about time that Abdullah took a stand for himself and his wife.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 25 Story Review - Intense & Engaging

Until last week, there was some hope that Shanzay might be the one to bring Abdullah and Mahjabeen together in the end but after watching this episode I have no such hopes. It is ultimately going to be Mahjabeen Washma and perhaps Mahjabeen’s mother who will perhaps do something tangible to change the situation. Even after everything that has happened, Mahjabeen holds no grudge against Abdullah – in fact, she is incapable of doing that! Bilal Abbas Khan’s performance was superb once again especially when Abdullah was signing the divorce papers.

Final Remarks

After watching this episode, it took me some time to disengage myself from Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s story! Although I know only too well that this is a drama yet even right now while writing this review I feel for Mahjabeen and just want her to be happy. In my opinion that is the real success of any drama – when you can relate to the characters at such a level! The preview of the next episode was painful! I am sure I am not the only one who wants things to get better now.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Perfect Review Like Always. You Sum Up Each And Every Episode Beautifully In Your Reviews. Tonight was yet another heartbreaking Episode. The only sensible character is Washma absolutely love her. While Shanzay has nothing to offer except her overdramatic English accent LOL. I hope next week Abdullah will believe Mahajabeen. Yamna is nailing it, she’s outstanding as Mahajabeen. Plus I still believe this show will end in a tragic way.

    • Thank you so much Asad for liking the reviews and for commenting every week. Yes! Washma and even Mahjabeen, both of them are strong women in their own unique way. I wonder if Abdullah and Mansoora deserve to be forgiven although we all know that Mahjabeen is just too sweet, she will forgive them easily! You could be right, I just hope it has a good meaningful ending.

      • I still think that Abdullah deserves to be forgiven and he deserves redemption because just like Mahajabeen he is not so sensible too, I mean yes at times they show that he’s intelligent and indeed he is but not in all aspects of life, he is under Server’s influence he loves Mahajan but Shanzay & Server manipulate him and confuse him and we all know that Abdullah has a confused personality. But Mansoora! Oh God No, she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven.

  • Fatima great review I have a request please leave reviewing Sabaat it is boring and start reviewing faisal qureshi’s drama Gustakh if you will watch it or Bikhray Moti please please please

    • Thank you Sami. The Sabaat reviews have a good readership, people are watching the drama and I don’t want to stop reviewing it just now, I want to know how they handle the story. I will definitely watch Gustakh, But I must say that I did not enjoy watching Muqaddar.

  • What an episode!!! Mind blowing!! You have done justice to this episode Fatima. What you said about Abdullah and Shanzay bang on! And your assessment about Mansoora I agree with. You are right Yumna does not mind wearing no make up, must be the director who asked her to do it. Pyar Ke Sadqay has me hooked. What an emotional episode. I love your balanced well written reviews. Thank you

  • Great Review Fatima,

    I just loved Mahajabeens parents in this episode. Often we see parents caving and sacrificing their kids but here both mother and father stood their ground against Sarwar. They gave Mahajabeen the confidence not to get trapped. Just beautiful. This drama ia going grear despite the sad turn of events.

  • This episode was wishes come true for me. Last time time when Munshi Ji went to see Mansoora, I said why did he not tell her she too had a daughter. But I was glad that writer kept it on hold for Washma. Then I was like why isn’t Mahjabeen and Washma talking to each out and today they did. And soon enough Washma also learned about Sarwar’s wish to get Mahjabeen.
    Mansoora knows everything but she does not have guts to face the truth.
    After Munshi Ji’s death, it will be very difficult to forgive Abdullah.

  • Great review. Also, I great episode. I didn’t need to forward any parts…. it was so gripping. I mean Shanzay only made a brief appearance – so it was tolerable.

    Yumna Is always awesome. And again, she managed to break your heart with her conflict, fear, grief. But I enjoyed watching some of the side characters.

    Washma was fierce. She confronted her mom again and again. I’m glad she found out what Sarwar was up to.

    Salma was the best. It’s kind of sad that we have to celebrate a parent that doesn’t throw their kid under the bus for their own security and happiness – but it happens enough in dramas. But yes, I wanted to cheer for Salma! She made it clear she would protect mahjabeen and she should never sacrifice herself to save her parents.

    I loved Munshi Ji and I’m sad to see him killed off. And really, it wouldn’t be a Pakistani drama if they didn’t kill off the dad! It’s such a typical plot point. The only good that can come from it is that Sarwar will really be powerless again.

    Mansoora was somewhat annoying – but I could see her struggling with what she wants to believe and what she knows to be true.

    How many episodes are left? And I do have some questions? Like how will Mahjabeen forgive Abdullah after he is indirectly responsible for her father’s death? And how will Washma help ?

    • Thank you so much Moszs, yes this episode was really engaging, couldn’t skip a single scene. Same here! Next episode will be really upsetting. I have no idea how many episodes are left, sorry.

      I agree with you, it will be difficult for Abdullah to redeem himself.

  • what i loved about this drama is mahjabeen communicated with washma. ziyada tar dramas me bs chor dete hain ke kisi aqal mand bande ko inki problems ka nhi pata.

  • Great review ..
    I skip shanzai and abdullah part so as in ur review ..
    Mansoora z badly in love with sarwar ,even she loves to be fooled by him ..this is something which atiqa uddo can’t translate on screen ..saba hameed would do that better ..

    Disturbed after watching next epi ..But which thing makes me boiled is “mehjabeen still trying to prove her innocency infront of tht gugoo ” i knw mehjabeen character is not that mature enough to leave this gugoo..she should divorce abdullah and concentrate on her education .

    Yes there are some loopholes in today epi ..sarwar shud sentence to death and indirectly we can see the flying ashes of mansoora too ..

    • Thank you Burst. Atiqa Odho’s performance has been confusing at times and some of the scenes which appeared to be meaningful were actually quite useless! Overall however I feel it is good to see a ‘differently’ ensemble cast.

      Mahjabeen does not hold grudges, she forgives easily – didn’t you see how she was defending Abdullah in this episode. That’s just who she is!

      I hope he gets the ending he deserves.

  • Loved the episode and the review! Few questions from the previous episode were answered in this one as the episode opened with Washma visiting Mahjabeen. The good thing is that the mother immediately shared about Sarwar and didn’t hide anything from Washma. Washma’s confrontation scene with Mansoora was executed brilliantly, loved the fierce acting from Srha.

    I find it hard to connect to Mansoora at this stage. She is a woman who has wealth, a lovely family and can be in power if she wants to, still she chooses to be at Sarwar’s mercy. If she eliminates Sarwar from her life, she still can live a happy life as Washma will also be back then but she chooses to turn a blind eye, even after knowing everything and for what, to keep this good for nothing man in her life who doesn’t even love her and is eyeing her daughter-in-law? She still says that she trusts him! Why is she behaving like a helpless woman who wants to cling on to this man who is a womanizer.

    Yumna once again acted very well and so did Bilal! Its good to see Abdullah realizing Mahjabeen’s worth on his own, but sadly it is only going to be too late. Munshi ji’s death could have been easily avoided, they could still show him in jail. Why isn’t any police authority looking into the case, it seems that only Sarwar is running the show. Even though he has a lot of influence, but beating him to death in the police custody shouldn’t be allowed, especially when he hasn’t been proven guilty.

    The next episode is going to be a sad one. Looks like Abdullah will now believe Mahjabeen. I am eager to see what Abdullah’s next steps would be.

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for liking the reviews and for sharing your views every week. There are unfortunately many women who are wealthy and educated yet they are fooled by men like Abdullah. I enjoyed reading your comment, keep reading and commenting.

  • You’re right Fatima, this episode kept me on the edge. I had exactly same feelings when Abdullah was thinking about signing the divorce papers. He is making me angry. How will there be a happy ending for him and Mahjabeen? He has so many huge mistakes. Is it right to forgive him? I just want Mahjabeen happy that’s it. Abdullah can never take care of her, he is so stupid. Anyway wonderful review, thank you. It was the best episode I watched it twice!

    • Hena! It was really engaging. Yes, Abdullah’s confusion should end now. LOL!! I can see you are not happy with Abdullah at all and the reasons are obvious! Oh wow! This was surely the kind of episode you can watch more than once.

  • Hi Fatima. Great review but i think you’re missing or misinterpreting one thing. Mansoora is not ready to believe that Sarwar is a bad person not because she is in love with him but because she does not want to believe that the person she trusted with everything (her son, her finances, business, etc) could be such an evil and corrupt person. Admitting that he is wrong now means he was wrong all these years and Washma and Pho were right to hate him and she was a fool for trusting him and choti si baat pe bhi it’s not easy for a person to admit their mistake. This is afterall trust we’re talking about which Sarwar has so badly broken. The same thing happened before, she started suspecting something was off but just because she didn’t want to confront the fact that maybe she trusted the wrong person, she let herself forget. Even now it is the same thing. You must have heard that example of the bird that hides its head in the sand when it sees danger? (Ostrich hoti hai shayad) wohi misaal hai mansoora ki. Its not about love, it’s about admitting that you made such a big mistake

    • I don’t agree. You don’t put up with so much only because of this, you put up with it only when you love someone too much to live without them. Mansoora is dependent on Sarwar. She loves the compliments. He makes her feel special. She doesn’t want to live without that. If she had the reasons u mentioned she would have been shown as someone with a big ego. She doesn’t have a big ego, she is a fool in love.

  • a lovely review, that is exactly how i feel about Mahjbeen too, Washma looked so lovely in the blue top that she was wearing.

  • Good review fatima, I didnt like this episode much, its become little difficult to see the sad things now, only saw the terrific perf of Washma and Mahjabeen as usual.

    5 more episodes to go, I expect a happy ending and hope the positive turnaround starts next week. Mansoora will remain negative till end it seems, as she said in her interview that her act in the end is going to shock the viewers.

  • بہت اعلی ریویو تھا ہمیشہ کیطرح 👌
    قسط بھی شاندار تھی منصورہ سے تو سرور سے زیادہ نفرت ہو چکی ہے مجھے
    اور سرور کاانجام بہت بھیانک ہونا چاہیے کتنی حقارت اور غرور سے وہ منشی جی
    کو دھمکاتا ہے کہ مانگو اپنے اللہ سے
    سفاکیت کی حد ہے
    اور زنجبیل صاحبہ کو اچھے کرداروں کو قبر میں پہنچائے بغیر سکون جانے کیوں نہیں ملتا “بلا” اور “چیخ” والی روایت یہاں بھی دہرا کے دم لیا۔
    کیا تھا جو اتنا ظلم نہ کرتیں :(

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