Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 27 Story Review – Important Developments

Tonight’s episode perhaps had one of the most predictable and done-to-death developments to its credit but since that means Sarwar is going to be really disappointed really soon, I am extremely happy with this ‘good news’. Mahjabeen’s scenes tonight were heart-wrenching, Abdullah’s confusion continued, Washma is completely focused at the moment, Mansoora has started sensing the change in her husband and Sarwar for the first time is the one who is not in control! Tonight’s episode had many powerful and emotional scenes to its credit. Yumna Zaidi and Srha Asghar stole the show completely. While Mahjabeen’s scenes made me cry, Washma’s scenes made me hopeful that Mahjabeen was not alone. The confrontations and the conversations were on point. The only aspect of this episode and the drama, in general, is the make-up; Mahjabeen’s overall look did not go well with her situation at all. She could have looked pretty without the perfectly ironed clothes and rosy cheeks and lips.

Apart from the performances, the transition from one scene to the other was really smooth. The screenplay was handled intelligently, while the entire episode focused on all the characters, the way these tracks were interchanged throughout made this episode even more engaging. Rather than focusing on a single track for too long, the director divided the time evenly and intelligently between all the tracks. Also, kudos to the director for not shooting an all-white funeral scene! I loved the direction of this and the previous episode, the only thing which stood out like a sore thumb was Mahjabeen’s make-up.

Important Developments

Tonight’s episode actually had many important developments which I think was great considering this was the 27th episode. For the first time, perhaps Lalla Rukh and Washma talked about Sarwar, that is how the viewers got to hear the backstory. Lalla Rukh is such a compassionate person, she took consolation in the fact that perhaps Sarwar would give Mansoora the love her brother never did. It is also easy to understand after this conversation why Mansoora is so in need of love and attention. She never got it when she was married to her husband therefore it was easy for Sarwar to lure her into his trap.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 27 Story Review - Important Developments

The confrontation between Washma and Sarwar was another insightful scene in this episode. Washma talked about Sarwar’s “gandi nazrein” perhaps that is why she hated this man so much. She always knew that he was greedy but she could definitely sense something more than that. It is interesting how Sarwar never has much to say in his defense when Washma confronts him. Whenever Mansoora confronts him, he stands his ground and is convincing but with Washma he feels frustrated and angry yet he never tries to intimidate her. It would be safe to say that Washma is the only person he knows he cannot fool. He had tears in his eyes when she left because this sick man literally sees himself as the victim!

Sarwar is so convinced that there is nothing wrong with what he wants. On the contrary, he feels that everyone who stands in his way is wrong in doing so. His dialogues in the previous episode and his reactions in this episode clearly showed that he looks at his ‘love’ for Mahjabeen from a completely different angle. In his own mind, he is the victim, someone who for the first time has actually fallen in love and has been so unfortunate that his good-for-nothing step-son got married to that girl.

Abdullah is sick and tired of the Barbie (Shanzay) since he has not been answering her calls. At the same time, he knows that he cannot get out of this marriage arrangement without some serious help from Washma perhaps. It is sad that these two are not even talking to each other anymore.

Sarwar and Mansoora

The scene that was shown in the preview was missing from this episode. In fact, Mansoora felt lonely and not loved therefore she questioned Sarwar. While Sarwar is busy planning his next move, Mansoora is thinking about all those things which different people have said to her at different times. She also asked Abdullah not to divorce Mahjabeen unlike before when she was pushing him to do what Sarwar wanted him to. Mansoora and Abdullah’s conversation was beautifully written and one of the many meaningful conversations in this episode. For once Mansoora gave her son the right advice and through this conversation, the viewers got to know what was going on in Abdullah’s mind. Mansoora actually listened to Washma this time around since Washma told her clearly that divorcing Mahjabeen would make it easier for Sarwar to get what he wants.

It seems like Mansoora will eventually ‘get over’ Sarwar. Once he finds out that Mahjabeen is pregnant and Abdullah lied about the divorce, he will not be able to contain himself. Omair Rana yet again acted brilliantly in this episode.

Mahjabeen’s Emotional Scenes

All of Mahjabeen’s scenes tonight were extremely emotional. She loves Abdullah and begged him once again not to leave her. Her conversation with Sarwar showed just how innocent she is. The most emotional scene was the one in the graveyard. I wish she would have taken Sarwar’s name at that time. Somehow she is scared of taking his name. Now that she is pregnant, Abdullah has no reason to be ‘confused’.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 27 Story Review - Important Developments

Mahjabeen’s scenes with her mother were also some of the best one’s tonight. The way her mother protected her and tried to give her the confidence she needed was endearing.

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode was engaging and poignant. I hope that all the tracks are wrapped up gradually in the upcoming episodes and we don’t see everything falling in place at the last minute! Abdullah needs to make up his mind, his character needs some much-needed change. Unless he learns to make his own decisions, there will always be someone or the other ‘confusing’ him. There is so much that Sarwar has done wrong therefore we should start seeing how Mansoora finds out about everything starting from the business hopefully soon!

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Fatima Awan

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  • Abdullah’ confusion is frustrating and getting on my nerves now. But ur review is as usual bang on! I look forward to ur review after watching PKS😊

    • Yes, it most certainly is! Unless he changes for good, Mahjabeen deserves better! He is also a victim but then Mahjabeen will never be ‘safe’ with him. Thank you so much Alizeh for liking the reviews and commenting.

  • There was some problem with my internet so I couldn’t watch on YouTube. Than moved to read your review to have an idea. Well done. And v well said about funeral.thank God no white uniform. I am happy there was no gossip as well. Usually women start gossip on funeral

    • Thank you so much for reading the reviews and for the feedback Iman! Oh yes! The gossip is usually the norm in our dramas during funerals, thankfully we didn’t see any of that in this one.

  • Ok today i ll confess one thing ..
    Fatima u r a thief ..
    Every time u steal our thoughts ..

    Agree with everything u said ..
    Ye idea kisi kai zehen mai kiyo nahi aata kai mehjabeen kai phone mai play store se recorder download karai ..
    Sarwar ki call record kardai ..
    Khas kam jahaan pak ..
    Pata nahi ye writer log apni story mujh se review q nahi karwatai …

    • Hahaha Well, guess what this time around the idea you mentioned was something I was going to write in the review as well. I am still hoping Washma will give them this idea and make sure Mansoora and Abdullah hear all these recordings. Maybe then we can see an actual change and Sarwar’s downfall!

  • The writer, director and the management of this drama have sick minds, constantly manipulating the emotions of viewers, and enjoying the pain they see us go through. For the past six episodes, they are constantly enjoying their tee, or whatever they drink, and laughing at how they managed to fool the viewers into believing that soon there will be a positive twist, only to witness, yet another dark and even more bizarre act than before.

    Just like, Bala, they will torture us til the last second. Next to die is Mahjabeen, and with it the whole drama, which was a delight to watch in the beginning. Hope someone with senses will knock their heads with a big screwdriver. China-Cutting mafia has gotten hold of the entertainment industry.

  • Today’s episode was a big disappointment for me.. how pregnancy is shown in our drama as marriage savior everytime.. its should not be the the reason.. kya sirf bache ka ana hi wajah hoti hai shadi ko bachane ki?.. achi wafadar nek biwi ka hona hi sirf wajah nahi ho sakti shadi ko barkarar rakhne ki..
    And pregnancy in mahjabeen n Abdullah’s case is so unconvincing to believe.. kaha to dono me pyar hua hi nahi tha… n achanak pregnancy 🤔
    N ye drama me ye bhi dikhaya hai ke bhabhi nand ka rista bhi hamesha ladai wala nahi hota…its a pleasant change..

    • Bilkul sahi kaha aap nay….Humari soyee too wahan hi atuk gaye hay … Mahjabeen pregnant!! yeah kub hoa? writer kahein too bohat acha likhtay hein oor kahein pur bikul putri say itri baatein dikhatay hein…

        • It was clearly shown if it was shown even more clearly same people who are shocked with pregnancy would be saying ban this drama. What choice do our writers and directors have. They showed Abdullah and Mahjabeen did it more than once first time when they did not go to Shanzay wedding. Seriously what do these people want? How should they show it?

          • I know in Pakistani drama.. they can’t be showing explicit intimacy.. but considering these slow progressing couple. N their mental innocence..n the fact that they took such a long period of time just to hold each other’s hand.. progress to pregnancy is really hard to digest

          • They were romancing in episode 16 end and episode 17 beginning. Watch the episodes and then comment. Mental innocence is something else, natural instinct is another thing.

      • You should watch Turkish dramas because they show everything clearly because there are no censorship issues.

    • It’s not just her pregnancy. It’s clearly show that Abdullah is not willing to leave mahjabeen. Secondly Abdullah started to develop feelings for mahjabeen but than it was shanzay. Otherwise they would be a happier couple now.

    • Itny clear to hint diye gaye serial mai
      Jb mahjbeen abdullah shanzay ki shadi mai nhi jaty jb abdullah mahjbeen k kehny py pehli bar oska hath pakrta hai or wo sharma k bhag jati
      Phir agli subho nashty k time mansora k pochny pr k wo shadi mai q nhi aaye abdullah sar dard or tbiyat khrab hony ka bahana suna dyta or ossi scene mai dono sharmaye sharmaye or muhabat sy ik dosry ko daikh rhy hoty
      Phir agli subho bhi abdullah mahjbeen ko soty sy jagata
      Or ye sb mansora k abdullah ko samjhany k baad hota
      Jb wo lady dr. K btany py abdullah ko smjhati k tum log ajnabiyon ki trha rhty
      Or abdullah mahjbeen shanzay k milny sy pehly kafi khush thy abdullah ny khud confess bhi kiya tha k mahjbeen sy bht piyar krta phir kaisy kaha ja skta k piyar he nhi howa

      • Someone ask Mrs Khan what and how she wanted to see it? We are in a habit of blaming writers even when we are the ones who cannot understand the drama.

      • Yes exactly my point. Abdullah is in love with Mahjabeen. It is so obvious. I think some people here have not watched all the episodes otherwise these objections make no sense whatsoever.

    • Being non pakistani viewer.. I may have missed small hints as lot of people reminded.. but it would have more clear if they showed them in love before entering shanzey..
      n someone suggested me to see Turkish drama.. no thanks.. I admire pakistani drama for their decent.. non vulgur content.. n believe me outside Pakistan also pakistani dramas are soo much appreciated for their creativity, story, acting,
      content and decency…
      N drama maker should consider the fact that outside people are not good at reading urdu.. in some drama they show some information,. chat,.letter in urdu only.. I missed that conversation entirely🤔.. pls suggest someone to add English translation also.

  • Thanks for the review Fatima.. i love pks and enjoyed today’s episode and the review .. i kind of knew that Mahjabeen would be pregnant and i think that happened when they both didn’t go to Shanzay’s wedding 😂

    Anyhow i still feel that they should have had shown that they had strong feelings for each other and Abdullah ended up with her because he realised he couldn’t be without Mahjabeen.. the pregnancy twist was not needed. 😑

  • Thanks for the review Fatima.. i love pks and enjoyed today’s episode and the review .. i kind of knew that Mahjabeen would be pregnant and i think that happened when they didn’t go to Shanzay’s wedding 😂

    Anyhow i still feel that they should have had shown that they had strong feelings for each other and Abdullah ended up with her because he realised he couldn’t be without Mahjabeen.. the pregnancy twist was not needed. 😑

    • Agree, they should show that the reason Abdullah chooses Mahjabeen is because he loves her and I think this will be shown in the coming episodes but the pregnancy twist is included to save the ‘divorce’…..from what i’ve understood by watching Pakistani dramas, a divorce cannot be finalized if the wife is pregnant??

      • Yes in drama.. they have created misconception that in pregnancy divorce cannot be given.. but it’s not true… divorce can be given in pregnancy..

          • Yes .. I m muslim.. that why I always wonder why all drama show these wrong information.. in pregnancy divorce is always given.. but the iddat time will be until the child birth take place..if u find any hadees supporting to ur clame.. I m happy to go through it.

          • Yes aleeza ..U r right ..i have searched alot ..
            Ap talaq dai saktai ho ..
            1 ya 2 bar talaq kai bad mehdood muddat mai dubara rujoo karlo to sahi otherwise 3 bar talaq kai baad baat khatam ..aurat bas bacha paida honai tak eddat mai rahain gee doran wo duara nikaah nahi karsakti aur na he apnai shohar se wapis rujoo karsakti hai ..
            Thanks aleeza

          • Thanks for means drama me galat concept dikhaya jata hai.. people should be aware…

        • You’re right, in a lot of dramas the viewers are shown that. Abdullah already decided he wasn’t going to divorce her. Let’s see how this pregnancy is used to take the story forward. Will the idea of being a father change Abdullah? Would he want to be the kind of father he never had? I hope it is used for a bigger purpose. Enjoyed reading your comments, keep reading and commenting.

    • You’re most welcome Mona. I really like watching and reviewing this play. Hahaha yes most probably ;)

      Let’s see how they take the story forward. Abdullah loves Mahjabeen and he wants her in his life but he was never taught how to make his own decisions, he is easily pressurized and doesn’t have a strong personality.

  • How can she get pregnant since there is no intimacy or romantic relationship ship shown or even even hinted between Mahjabeen and Abdullah?

    • Exactly… lugta hay writer story ko strech kurnay mein itna masroof hein k khud bhi bhool gaye k hoa kya tha oor hum daykhnay waloon ko baywaqoof samjhtay hein …. oor us pur aytaraaz k hum Pakistani dramay kyoon nahin daykhaty turkish ya korean kyoon daytay hein.

      • Intimacy was implied when they didn’t go to shanzay’s wedding. At least, I assumed as much. Wonder how Sarwar will react to that.

      • You definitely need to watch previous episodes. It’s not Indian drama where there is onscreen intimacy. Pakistani dramas just give a hint. And there was a clear hint of intimacy in one of previous episodes.

        • Exactly! Had they shown it explicitly same people would have so many issues. Some people will just criticize without knowing facts. Pregnancy makes sense, they have been intimate for long but some people wanted a more clear indication. Wonder how??

      • Drama ghor se dekha karein in ki intimacy start ho gaye thi Shanzay ki shadi wali raat. Fazool mei writer ko laan taan na karein. Aur kese dikhaye writer? Jese dikha sakti thi dikha diya, aap wakehi bewakoof hei jo samajh nahi payen.

    • It wasn’t explicitly shown but was implied… In few episodes, subtle hints were dropped to cover this piece of information.

  • Great review as always.

    Good episode. I am disappointed that they used pregnancy to save a marriage. I would have preferred that Abdullah picked Mehjabeen because he wanted her as his wife and not because he had too.

    It was good to see Mansoora be a mother for once … and good to see Abdullah annoyed by shanzay.

    Wonder how will Sarwar react to the pregnancy news?

    • Thank you so much Mozsz.

      Yes, it was. I am waiting to see what they ‘use’ the pregnancy for, there can be so many different ways, let’s see if they take a different route.

      I am dying to watch Sarwar’s reaction LOL!!!

  • The review is nicely written Fatima! You’ve highlighted all the aspects covered in the episode correctly.

    I found this episode a bit slow, may be because the feel of the episode was such. Though there were quite a few developments and revelations! Washma’s revelation that she saved herself from Sarwar’s gandi nazar was quite a revelation, not because it talked about Sarwar’s personality but because we didn’t know Washma was a victim too, may be not literally but at least she knew about it. That might be the reason that Washma is living with Pho. On second thoughts, it made me cringe that Sarwar has been linked with Pho, Mansoora, Mahjabeen and somehow Washma….all ladies of the same family.

    Anyway, Mahjabeen was brilliant in all the scenes and I agree, her make up was something that could’ve been omitted and was unnecessary. Abdullah’s reaction to Shanzay’s call was good and showed that he is realizing how selfish she really is and he is constantly reminded of Mahjabeen.

    Mansoora’s stand is a little bit confused too. She asked Abdullah to not send the divorce notice to Mahjabeen, not for him but for her sake as Washma told her that she’s making things easier for Sarwar by doing that. She somehow is behaving like this helpless woman who badly needs Sarwar. I hope Washma and Pho instill some confidence in her, for her to take a stand for herself. It was a good time to tell us the background that Mansoora seeks Sarwar’s love and attention as she’s been deprived of it in her first marriage.

    The preview of the next episode was a bit confusing. I think Sarwar somehow got the signed papers and that’s why he was celebrating with his mother. I hope he doesn’t succeed in creating a doubt in Abdullah’s mind about the father of the child, as Abdullah looked a bit worried in the preview.

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for liking the reviews and for always sharing your views in such detail, I enjoy reading your comments. I am glad it was confusing and didn’t give away much. You’re absolutely right about Mansoora and I really do hope that Washma and Pho play that part.

  • I am shocked to read all the comments asking how she got pregnant and when they got intimate. My question, are you even watching the drama? We point fingers at writers and directors even when they have shown everything logically. Abdullah and Mahjabeen were intimate long time back when they did not make it to Shanzay’s wedding. Some people here who think they are wise are fools to blame the writer. As someone else said if they showed explicit acenea same people would say ban the drama. What do these people want? Fatima you also discussed it in detail in the comments few weeks ago. Your review is perfect and this episode was emotional.

  • What an episode. When Sarwar finds out Mahjabeen is pregnant I am wanting and waiting to see his expressions. It is awesome that she is expecting no better way to make Sarwar feel like a loser this time. Kesa diya!! Mazay

  • All is done very creatively and the story is going smoothly onward though very slowly. Yet one thing as is discussed already is Mahjbeen’s looks. Even on her father’s funeral she is wearing makeup with apparent lipstick and blushy cheeks. And so in is in her mother’s lap while the scene is really sad.

  • >