Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Episode 2 Story Review – Powerful & Entertaining

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Episode 2 Story Review  – This second episode of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi was spell-binding. Imran Ashraf’s brilliance as an actor who loves playing challenging roles reflected in every single scene tonight. Loved everything about tonight’s episode from Bhola’s innocence to his honesty. Noori’s sense of superiority and her relentless faith in herself were equally interesting to watch.

Is Noori In Love?

In this episode, the viewers were shown how well-settled Noori was in her new abode in just a few days. Noori was always a misfit in her house therefore being in a new place which was clean and where she got respect was like a dream come true for her. The way Noori reacted when she saw her room in the haveli pretty much summed up her frame of mind. Noori dreaded going back home and the fact that she went to Ama Janate’s house first went to show that she did not miss anything about her own house – not even her parents. Noori’s character is intriguing more than anything else because on the one hand she is constantly judging her parents and does not even like being around them and on the other she is already dreaming about a man she just met. So far Noori seems like a practical girl who dreams of a better future therefore watching Noori fall for a man so quickly makes me wonder if the sole reason for this is that this man fits into her idea of the perfect future. Syed Jibran’s impression in this episode was somewhat different from his first impression. It seemed like he was fascinated by Noori but then his first comment after seeing Noori is hard to ignore.

Ama Janate and Noori’s Scenes

Ama Janate and Noori’s scenes tonight were just as meaningful as they were the previous week. Ama Janate keeps on telling Noori to value her parents and to be more grounded. Even though Noori respects Ama Janate more than anyone else she knows but even then none of her advices have any affect on her. Noori is very certain that her perspective is right therefore she does exactly what she has planned. She wants to help her parents but at the same time she plans to save money.

Bhola and Noori Meet

Bhola’s character, the way the introductory scene was written as well as executed was simply amazing. The scene in the bus was hilarious, Bhola’s innocence and the naughty-fun side of his personality was all revealed at once. Bhola and Noori’s first meeting was touching especially because of the way Bhola explained why his mother was mean. This scene was emotional and slightly disturbing too. It also showed just how clever, sensitive and observant Bhola was. This scene completely won me over!

Overall Impression

Bhola and Noori are the kind of characters we see around us all the time in real life but they are the people we choose to ignore mostly. This drama makes you want to pause and think about all such people, I guess that is what makes it a bit disturbing too. These “unimportant” people too have stories to tell which are just as relevant and important as the stories of people who makes it to social media and the newspapers. Imran Ashraf completely stole the show tonight – something tells me that Bhola is going to make us laugh and cry at the same time. Iqra Aziz totally owned her character tonight. It is definitely good watching her play this role. Noori and Bhola both have a great deal to offer. Noor-ul-Hassan is another phenomenal actor who nails every character he plays. His interest in Noori means more trouble for her…how will she get out of this one?

The Preview

The preview of the next episode suggested that Noori will propose to the man of her dreams herself. The preview also showed Bhola taking Noori to the circus where she will meet Mumtaz begum!

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