Sabaat Episode 21 Story Review – Pointless and Slow

After watching this episode, I can safely conclude that the award for the most pointless and uninteresting script goes to Sabaat! Ameer Gillani and Mawra Hocane’s solid performances have been wasted completely because their track and this drama has practically nothing to offer! This is turning out to be another one of those HUM dramas which have a star cast and are promoted like they are the next big thing but the content is shallow and the resulting product just plain boring. The viewers have been watching Miraal have her way right from the first episode and nothing has changed so far. What makes this drama worse than many other such dramas is that the negative character does not even have a screen presence. Sarah Khan’s performance and even her character leave a lot to be desired.

We have watched dramas in the past in which the negative characters were etched-out so brilliantly and translated on-screen so well that their scenes left an impact. Miraal’s scenes are repetitive and show only one side of her personality. Even her dialogues in every episode are more or less the same. Her life has been limited to making Hasan regret his decision to marry Anaya so that he can come back ‘home’! All the ‘good people’ have conveniently been sidelined so that there is no one around to knock some sense into Hasan! This drama reminds of Mann Mayal, which stopped making sense after a few episodes. It is unfortunate that the writer had a few good characters and a chance to show successful marriages irrespective of the class differences but Hasan has turned into another one of those loser husbands.

Hasan Is a Lost Cause

Yes! That is the conclusion I drew after watching tonight’s episode. Although Hasan’s frustration makes sense, there was a really sensible side of his personality which has been overshadowed by his unlimited complexes and insecurities. The man who was willing to give up everything because of Anaya is now listening to someone like Atif! Atif was never in favor of Hasan’s marriage to Anaya, he still went ahead and did what he wanted. Right now, however, he literally lets Atif say whatever he wants and what makes it worse is that he is actually influenced by whatever he says. Hasan was a zinda lash in this episode and Anaya’s ‘positivity’ was unreal. Even though Anaya was introduced as a balanced and intelligent woman before, now her character only has one side – making Hasan happy no matter what!

Sabaat Episode 21 Story Review - Pointless and Slow

Hasan decided to leave the job, that was one of the best decisions he made recently. He has started believing that Anaya indeed is having an affair with his boss which is incredibly sad and which makes me wonder if he even deserves a wife like her. There were barely any meaningful conversations between these two and their interactions make it difficult to believe that they are a married couple. They have always been ‘distant’ and the romance has been missing. Even then I would say that both these actors involved have added some life to their characters even though they have not been written down well. When I watched the preview of this episode, I was hoping that Hasan will realize his mistake and will for a change start looking at things differently. On the contrary, Hasan will actually confront Anaya in the upcoming episode.

It was surprising to see a couple who is trying so hard to make ends meet order an entire cake for the birthday! Also, Anaya’s reaction to Hasan’s cold behavior was really difficult to relate to. Where are Anaya’s parents and Hasan’s mother?

Dr. Harris Has Unresolved Issues

The doctor who was supposed to ‘save’ Miraal seems to have unresolved issues of his own. Because his parents could not have a happy married life, he wants to do whatever he can to make his marriage work. After giving the most shocking suggestion (to have kids) in the previous episode, this week Harris lied to Miraal to save his marriage. This marriage was always most unconvincing and it continues to be the most unappealing part of this drama. Miraal’s ‘jo mera hei wo completely mera hei’ dialogues show only one side of her personality and all the scenes covering her track are the same in every episode. I don’t have much hope that Harris will try to change the situation since he comes across as a timid individual.

Sabaat Episode 21 Story Review - Pointless and Slow

Usman Mukhtar’s monotonous dialogue delivery coupled with the way this character has been written makes me wonder why the producers or the writer thought we should have waited so many weeks for this character to make an appearance. It was not worth the wait at all! Sarah Khan’s wardrobe in the drama continues to be an eye-sore and she does not have a screen presence either.

Final Remarks

Honestly speaking, this was a filler episode and can easily be skipped. Sabaat is the kind of drama that you can catch up with after 3 weeks without missing much. The scenes are long, the pace is slow and there is barely anything to look forward to. I am watching this play to find out how it ends and I hope that it is going to end soon!

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Sabaat? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • On point review Fatima. It is a typical drama infact worse like you said even Bala was more happening than this one. People watch dramas for entertainment or for finding meaning, this has none. I was really waiting for Usman’s entry but what a disappointment. Why did he chose such a hopeless drama! Anyway just like you I am watching this one. I have the option of forwarding even then it is too boring. I wait for your reviews.

    • Thank you so much Hamnah for liking the reviews and for commenting. You are right! They gave it a meaningful title, the OST also suggested that this won’t be just another typical drama but guess what?! It is just another drama without any purpose or meaning. Like you said it even lacks the entertainment value which has to be the worst part. I wait for your feedback as well, keep reading and commenting.

  • I usually don’t like Mawra but like you mentioned in your review she has acted well in this one. I agree with you that this drama had potential. Now it is so monotonous and repetitive. Thank you for your detailed and honest reviews.

  • I cannot concur more about the slow tempo. That being said, I would still say this story could have been amazing if more attention to detail was considered while chalking out characters in this drama. Meeral continues harping about being possessive and that dumb of a psychiatrist just fell for her pretty face and flamboyant style. There was no bonding between these two from the word go, hence, I do not expect much could change in future.
    I just feel like pushing the story on a fast track might bring out the plot as interesting, otherwise it is just going in circles. Anaya and Hasan’s characters could offer a lot and it was good to see that Hasan gave his two cents to Yasir….just getting tired of things not moving fast enough to keep me glued to
    watching this drama.

    • Yes, I agree Shabnam, that is what I wrote in the review as well. The characters and the story could have been interesting had it been taken forward in a more intelligent and entertaining manner. Same here! I even have to watch the ads which makes it worse LOL!!

  • Thank you for the review. I really liked the part when Hasan gave Yasir Quereshi and Sana what they deserved and subsequent treatment that girl got. I was finally happy with this episode, but then Hasan went to further suspect Anaya. He also started smoking, something I feel was not required to be shown. Miraal’s track is boring. And can someone explain to me who would wear pencil heels at Hill Station? Why is Miraal always dressed like she in in Canada?

    • You’re most welcome Pakistani. Sarah Khan’s dressing has been unappealing and yes OTT throughout. I wonder why is there pressure on the female leads nowadays to wear high heels, I have noticed this in other dramas as well. Women are seen wearing high heels in their own houses and they can barely walk in them as Sajal did in YDM.

  • the review is spot on, Dr Harris’s character is like them wives that some husbands won’t let them out of the house, and we already see enough female characters who are treated this way, that we don’t really have to see Dr Harris going through all that too, he just lets her get away with it just like her father does
    Hassan & Anaya’s scenes were nothing interesting, in fact i am beginning to find Atif’s scenes more entertaining than the rest of the characters

  • nice review Fatima ji …jab mujhay yeh pata chala k Meri tarah Aapko bhi is dramay ki koi tuk samajh nahi ayi to mujhay buhut khushi hui… aik baat say dil ko sakoon mila k sana k saath sahi hua 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Baqi raha masoom si behan type bhai hassan to usko chahiye tha k keh deta k Baji miraal Meri Aur aapki shadi ho gai Ab aap meherbani farma kar maghron lay jayen…

    Miraal Baji ka bhi aik hi aim hai k بھائی نوں گھر لاؤ تے باقی سارے جہنم وچ جاؤ

    So viewers agar aap is dramay ki episode skip karna chahtay hain to shauk say karain jab bhi aap isko dobara dekhain gaye to yeh aapko wahin khara milay ga don’t worry…..

    • Thank you so much AKB. haha interesting comment, I think this drama is bringing out everyone’s funny side, that is the only plus;) I look forward to these comments, much more interesting than the drama itself.

  • Pointless is the apt word for this drama! I agree with every word of yours Fatima…. Usman Mukhtar’s dialogue delivery is so monotonous that even the jokes he cracks fall flat! Suggesting to plan a family was the weirdest thing he could do, I can’t even imagine Miraal as a mother….if he can be this controlling to the people around her, I can’t even imagine what she’ll do with her kids.

    I just don’t feel anything for Miraal, the character is so shallow. She is just too controlling….so much that he would suffocate anyone who is with her and Dr Haris, who is supposed to be the sensible one has resorted to lying to his wife hoping that he can convince her. Doesn’t he know her enough by now? She just takes pleasure in belittling everyone around her. She’s the same with everyone, be it her mother, her nani, her brother or even her employees….she’s always on to some cheap thrills.

    I liked the way Hassan gave Yasir what he deserved, but everything else about him was off. He was such a positive character and could have been a supportive husband but he is now listening to the useless Atif to ‘judge’ his own wife! Madam Sana has no better thing to do than eavesdrop on others’ conversations and poke her nose every time she does so. The way these people talk to each other is no way employees talk to each other in reality. How much ever you dislike anyone, there’s a decorum that is supposed to be maintained in an office environment.

    Other characters have been conveniently sidelined. I was surprised to see that Fareed still goes to office, he was completely missing from the scene. Miraal’s mother, Anaya’s parents and Miraal’s friend are nowhere in picture. They show that Anaya’s father is suffering from a deadly disease and for the next few episodes they don’t even touch upon the topic.

    At the moment, I don’t know where this drama is heading…wrap it up already!!

    • Yes, same here! Fareed’s ‘guest appearance’ surprised me as well since he had announced that he was not going to go to the office anymore and clearly Miraal has been running the show for the longest time now! LOL!! You are so right about Usman Mukhtar, I really enjoyed his acting in Anaa even though his character was problematic, he is just another mediocre actor in this one! He looks and sounds bored, he was obviously not too convinced himself. No idea how they are going to wrap this mess up!

      Good to know that we are on the same page Sheetal. Keep reading and commenting.