Sabaat Last Episode Story Review – Anything Is Possible

It did not come as a surprise that Sabaat had a predictable and typical ending. All this time, the writer wanted the story to end happily for Hassan and Anaya but their happiness was completely dependent on Miraal. I found Harris’ love for Miraal more endearing (quite unexpectedly) than Hassan’s casual apology. The writer gave Miraal so much power right till the end that all the other characters lost their meaning altogether. Miraal clearly had a personality disorder yet this aspect of her character was brushed under the carpet. Her negative and controlling behavior was never portrayed as a mental disorder even though she went to a psychiatrist! The way her character took a completely different turn basically went to show that there was no actual reason for Miraal’s negativity and bitterness.

The writer conveniently gave a fairytale-like ending to a story that was meant for a mature and intelligent audience. Even fairytales nowadays are being given a more meaningful treatment by the makers since no one wants to watch stories surrounding black and white characters with quick fixes in the end.

Everything Changed In Minutes

Right till the end, Atif continued to be the ‘messenger’; he was the one who informed Hassan about Miraal’s accident which was really odd. Miraal’s condition suggested that she had been in the hospital for at least a few hours yet somehow Hassan’s parents did not even inform him. Atif had to look for him to break the news. This accident and its aftermath were covered in a rush suggesting that after slowing things down for so many weeks, the writer wanted a jhat pat ending to the drama which was overall quite predictable. Miraal’s punishment started few seconds into the episode and Harris became the ‘hero’ instantly. Miraal had forgotten naani altogether, only to be reminded of her when the accident happened. Given how negative and bitter Miraal was, this sudden change in her despite her situation did not work for me at all.

Sabaat Last Episode Story Review – Anything Is Possible

Someone like Miraal would have taken a lot more time to ‘confess’ to her wrongdoings. The writer chose an easy way to bring about this change instead of relying on more meaningful scenarios to show a gradual change in her. There are in reality so many people like Miraal who never realize that they have been punished no matter how many times they find themselves in situations such as this one. If we consider her personality, her first reaction would have been that of anger and extreme bitterness. Had the writer shown her as someone who was capable of seeing things from another perspective, this sudden change would have made more sense. The writer definitely put plot convenience before logic and used this accident as a means to dramatically change the character which destroyed everyone’s life. So in the end, a change in Miraal changed everything which basically proves that the entire story always revolved around Miraal and all the other tracks were completely dependent on her.

Many of us were expecting Anaya’s track to be more impactful since it was the only character in the last few episodes which had potential. Anaya however went back to being the diligent wife and bahu who was still looking for her in-law’s approval! This track had endless possibilities considering how capable Anaya was but in the end, she chose to forgive rather quickly and lead the life she was leading when she got married initially.

Sabaat Last Episode Story Review – Anything Is Possible

Final Remarks

This ‘overly’ pleasant and fast-paced episode of Sabaat made me wonder if this really was the last episode of the drama which had so much negativity! The writer proved one thing, anything is possible especially in the last episode of a Pakistani drama. This turned out to be yet another drama which showed an evil female lead who kept on making everyone’s life hell for 20 plus weeks and underwent a complete transformation in the end. Mawra Hocane’s performance was remarkable throughout even though there were times when Anaya’s character disappointed. Ameer Gillani gave this character his best; I will be looking forward to his next project. Anaya’s mother’s positive outlook towards life and her bond with her daughter was the best part of an otherwise disappointing drama. There was absolutely no need to kill Anaya’s father, the writers really need to stop doing that! His death did not have any impact on the story and it did not serve any purpose. The writer proved that it is possible to give even the most twisted of situations a last-minute happy ending like nothing bitter ever happened! Even though I loved Mawra and Ameer’s performances, I did not find myself rooting for the couple given the circumstances. Sabaat’s OST was beautifully written, composed and sung, that is definitely worth listening to on repeat. Other than that, I am glad that this journey is over!

I would like to thank all those wonderful readers who took the time out to read the reviews and shared their feedback regularly. I continued watching and reviewing this drama because of you!

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • I literally loathed the end. Hats of to you watching and reviewing for this lack luster drama. I still can’t conclude what was the real purpose of this drama. Except for Anaya’so track, everything was meaningless. Each and every character was bizarre to the core. Specially Miraal. Never seen such a Hollow character. Kahan toh 28 episode tk no change and only one surgery changed her. It was a meaningless track!

    • Totally agree with you Hamna! This had to be the most pointless drama ever. Even Anaya’s message for the working girls, in the end, was so haphazard. Oh yes! Miraal wasn’t even interesting like some of the other negative character which at least keep you engaged for a while. Thank you for reading the reviews and for the feedback.

  • Jee meiney 14 episodes key baad chhor diya tha aur aaj last episode dekhi tou yun laga jaisey key meiney khud pey ehsaan kiya yeh drama chhor key 🤪🤪🤪🤪. By the way, Miraal’s make up was tip top even after meeting so called horrific accident… Ali ko kuch nahin huwa? I think uskey paas Parachute thaa.. hats off to you for enduring this mediocre drama for 30 weeks. Salaami aapki nazar..

    Ps: why male writers and fashion designers like Deepak parwani pass personal comments on female’s bodies like said designer target Aamna Isaani. So bad… the same thing faseeh bari khan did..

    • Haha shukriya, buhat acha kiya aap ne jo dekhna chor diya. LOL!! Yes, make-up aur styling pr no compromise.

      It is sad when people do that, even the allegations that the bloggers get paid by certain people to promote them is so baseless. Just goes to show how difficult it is for these celebrities to accept criticism even when it is done in such a decent manner!

  • I mean, we could pretty much predict the end after last week, but I didn’t expect it to be so underwhelming. I’m a fan of happy endings, but it has to make sense somewhat. This was practically a Disney ending right down to sudden orphan adoption plot.

    So basically an act of God (i.e. Miraal’s accident) is what saved Anaya and Hassan’s marriage. Hassan himself did the absolute bare minimum- he didn’t follow up with Anaya then and was ready to file for a divorce on hearsay. And then his apology was a bit of a pathetic affair and again, he didn’t repeat it to Anaya, but Miraal baji fixed that for him too. Miraal took all responsibility for poisoning their relationship, but was Hassan not a grown man responsible for his own thoughts and actions?

    I’d feel sorry for Haris, but it’s obvious he’d rather be in a relationship with Miraal even if she’s with him out of a debt of gratitude than live without Miraal. (I still don’t understand the attraction there, but who am I to judge, lol).

    Also, what exactly was the point of the creepy man who was trying to compete with Miraal’s dad’s business and was taking over all the architecture firms in Islamabad? That story went absolutely nowhere.

    Maybe if Miraal had been hit on the head with debris back when she was bashing laptops, her personality change would have occurred earlier.

    Thank you for reviews, Fatima! Do you know what you’ll be moving onto next?

    • I know right!! Since the writer was so inspired by Hamsafar and ZGH, this was expected. Exactly! We don’t have the satisfaction of knowing that Hassan is now mature enough to know better. In the end, Miraal baji’s maafi did the trick. I think most of the ‘important’ plot twists we got to see in the drama were simply pointless. This was such a weird drama! Na sur na pair.

      You’re most welcome, thank you for the comments, I loved your honesty and the way you shared your views here.

      I am not sure yet, I am waiting for Dunk.

  • Anaya should not have forgiven Hassan. In the end, phir wohi message dia writer ne, jo har Pakistani writer deyta hai keh women single parenting nahi kar sakti. They need a man in their life, loser hi kyun na ho. I just hate it when our writers show women going back to men even though they are a loser.

    Koi addressing nahi thi iss drama mein baqi characters ki. Hassan aur Miraal dono suffer karte. Haris should have left Miraal. Anaya should have not gone back to Hassan. Dono behan bhaiyon ko rotay huey dikhana chahiye tha. Shukar hai maine poora drama nahi dekha. Chodh dia tha beech mein. Sirf ab ending dekhi hai.

    • Also, Hassan’s apology was pathetic. Sirf do lafz kahe maafi ke mushkil. Koi bhi character development nahi thi uss ki. Uss ne toa yeh bhi realize nahi kia ko uss ne apni achi biwi pe shak kia hai. They did not even addressed that. Ending was rushed. Simply I hate this drama.

        • Seriously Fatima! Mujhse koi aise maafi maange toa main usay dhakke de ke baahir nikalon :P heheh :P

          Aap ke reviews padhne ka maza aata hai. Shukria hamare saath share karne ke liye. Will be contiunuing reading your other reviews :D

  • Thank you for the review. The drama had good background music. But wrapped up in a blink. Miraal’s father remained a puppet and only accepted Anaya when he got signal from Miraal. It really looked odd when Atif was slapped and still Harris was just casually sitting. Anyway, Haris turned to be more supportive husband then Hasan. I was glad Anaya’s mom did not come to live with Fareed family. They are really weird people.

  • I’m extremely disappointed by the ending. It was very wrong of Anaya to go back to Hassan. I thought Sabaat will be different and Anaya will not go back to Hassan. But this show had a typical ending and I have to say that the most useless Character on this show was Haris. I admire your patience Fatima bcoz you didn’t leave the reviews of Sabaat you kept on reviewing it with honesty.

  • Lain g ٹائیں ٹائیں فش 👎🏻 Anaya ka janu manu aa gaya Aur Wo usko dekh kar as usual melt ho gai Aur Kion Na hoti jab janu manu Audi per aye to melt hona to banta hai boss 😎

    Aik lamhay pehlay Baji miraal ki akar ساتویں آسمان per thi Aur aglay lamhay unko nani yad aa gai …chalo shukar hai naani sooch rahi hon gi k zalimo last episode aa gai Mujhay to yad kartay jao…

    Gawachi gaan to Aaj cheetah bana hua tha 😎

    Fatima g aapko salute k aap itnay hoslay say review karti raheen Aur hum sab ko bhi salute jo is dramay ko dekhtay rahay ….

    Chalain hum sab is khushi main aik mahgira mana laitay hain 😂

  • MATLAB kuch bhee. Aik accident changed a 180 shift in whole scenario. Miraal badal gaee, aur us se Anaya aur Hasan ko mila diya and Haris ko bhee apna liya. Bechari Laila Zubaeri ko bhee aakhri qist main hansney ka moqa mil gaya. Aur ye muhtarma Miraal itna aaram se, with full-on makeup & proper hair style, jis ka spinal cord damage huya, hai emergency main beth ker batain ker rahee hai.

    But there lovers on this play
    Sabaat is tending at 2 on Twitter right now and people are praising happy ending of mesmerising journey of this play. 🤦

    The only enticing thing of this drama was Mawra’s brilliant acting and your comprehensive reviews.

  • MATLAB kuch bhee. One accident turned everbody life around 180 degree. Miraal badal gaee aur sab badal gaya. Us ne Anaya aur Hasan ko mila diya and Haris ko bhee apna liya. Bechari Laila Zubaeri ko bhee aakhri qist main hansney ka moqa mil gaya. Is dramay ka naam Miraal hota ya Miraal ka naam Sabaat.

    Aur is muhtarma Miraal ne apna makhsoos hairstyle aur full-on makeup bhee continue kiya in emergency despite damaging her spinal cord. And she was conviniently sitting and talking right after her accident. Atif faced the music with aik ultay haath ki by Hasan.

    But there are lovers of this play.
    Sabaat is trending at 2 on Twitter right now and people are praising happy ending of mesmerising journey. 🤦

    The only enticing thing about this drama was Mawra’s brilliant acting. She was amazing even in last episode. And then your comprehensive reviews jin ka shidat se intizar rehta tha.

    • Haha so on point! Bilkul aisa hi hona chahyeh tha, Miraal ke dasay hue sb akhr mei kuch mintu mei Miraal ne un ke marhamu pr merham rukh di, yani ke hud hi ho gaye. Maro mjhe maro wali situation thi ye tu.

      Some people just want to see happy endings, beshk un ki sense na banei. I agree with you about Mawra’s performance, loved it! Thank you so much Urs for reading the reviews and for commenting.

  • This drama is done! finally!! I have really appreciated your reviews so much throughout since the whole time you kept it real and told it like it is. To me, the whole project was a failed opportunity.

    I’d like to echo what everyone else is saying here by repeating that Hassan’s apology was so weak. If I were Anaya I’d expect something more than a tearful awkwardly standing Hassan saying “that’s our kid right”

    And the whole Miraal saying Hassan is “beqasoor” is nonsense. If Hassan truly was a strong and caring husband, nothing Atif or Miraal said would be able to turn Hassan against Anaya, he had his own brain and could have used his own logic to shut down their accusations. Anaya let him off sooooo easy!!

    Also, it would have been nice if any of Hassan’s family gave their condolences to Anaya about the loss of her father. They all sorta pretended that he never existed. His character was swept under the rug and I 100% agree that his death did nothing to drive the plot.

    • Thank you so much SH for liking the reviews and for sharing your feedback. I agree with you completely, Hassan was flawed till the end and we don’t have the comfort of knowing that he won’t make the same mistake again. Exactly! Why did they even kill the father? Still can’t figure that one out.

  • This was a terrible episode! I mean I knew I wouldn’t agree with forgiving Hasan – but I could let that go. Although that was such a weak apology. I mean even Ashar was a weak man in humsafar but his apology was a lot stronger.

    But the whole execution of the episode was so terrible. Miral was in a horrible, life altering accident. But about an hour later – she looked no worse for wear, she wasn’t sedated, and she has having all sorts of revelations on how wrong she had been. And within the first 5-10 minutes of the drama, everything was resolved. Miral confessed …. Hasan forgiven…. Anaya quit her job… Haris back. The rest of the episode seemed like fillers.

    What a silly ending…

  • nice analysis Fatima, on the contrary the last episode worked for me, i was not expecting happy ending, but overall the way it was directed, it was fine, not as impactful and powerful as humsafar, but it did make me emotional in quite a few scenes. The only thing missing was apology from Fareed to Anaya and specially his wife, another thing was that they shouldnt have shown miraal recovering so fast, also i felt a flashback of nani could have been there before miraal would realize everything. other than these points, rest is all acceptable from me, the gate scene, anaya-hassan meeting scene, hasan beating atif, and the last scene specially was excellent for me, Sara Khan was superb in it. usman finally got good dialogues, and the chemistry between sara and usman was so good in the last scene, its sad that it was never shown earlier. if 5 or 6 episodes were cut short, and atleast somewhere earlier they had shown miraal behaving in a normal decent manner, then overall drama would have been gr8. Anyways it did hold my interest till the end, even tho i was watching all last episodes and being disapp, still i was always waiting for it.

    mawra hocane has given an award winning perf, ameer gilani is excellent find and sara khan was also outstanding thoughout. usman was wasted, his scenes getting cut was also a big negative point, at least we could have scene their romance getting developed, all that editing and audience backlash was unwanted.-
    Fatima, which drama ur going to review next. pls take ur own time, as none of the dramas look worth it. im just going to see the horror drama-chalawa.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. I am glad you liked this last episode and I am really happy that you were part of this journey.

      Yes, that is a good idea, I will only choose when I am sure something is worth reviewing. I will watch Chalawa too but not too sure if it will be good. Dekhte hei.

  • i agree 100% with your review
    i think they could have written another episode, so that we can see that it took a few meetings to get Anaya to change her mind, than it would have looked more real, that Hassan wasn’t easily forgiven
    & we could have done with a few scenes in seeing Miraal stuck to the bed for awhile & not just a few scenes with tears in her eyes, in the end of the episode she didn’t even need the walking sticks, so she can’t have been that bad, not much of a torture if you ask me
    overall though if i look through the writers eye & that it kept me entertained, plus made me look forward to Sundays, than it couldn’t have been such a bad drama

    • Glad we agree Shameem. I hardly enjoyed watching a few episodes, otherwise, it was a lot of repetition and not enough substance for my taste. I found Miraal extremely boring. Thank you for being a part of this journey, really appreciate your feedback.

  • Who else was completely distracted by Harris’s terribly drawn in hairline!! His hairstylist needs to be fired. clearly s/he hasn’t heard of blending. But Couldn’t the director have noticed it? In the scene outside the court, it looked so bad

  • Such a terrible problematic end. People with disabilities have to hear so much crap in Pakistan. That they are a divine punishment! An azaab. For this so called progressive drama to include this nonsense as a turning point in the script is atrocious. Sharam ani chaheeay

  • Typical and predictable end to yet another Pakistani drama in which the evil character makes a 180 turn within 5 seconds and everything is quickly fixed in final episode, after torturing everyone for 25+ episodes. This is insulting to the viewers and proves that these dramas are just written to sell commercials.

  • Thank you for the review Fatima! There is a funny YouTube series that makes fun of Bollywood movie scenarios called ‘Matlab kuch bhi!’ and that is literally what I was thinking throughout this episode. The only scene I liked in this episode was the very first one when Anaaya tears the promotion letter. Good lesson for everyone watching especially young girls Other than that, what exactly was the point of this drama?! Miraal’s narcissistic personality issue was never addressed. What was the reason behind Dr Harris being a psychiatrist? I mean he could have been a carpenter and all would have remained exactly the same And! And don’t even get me started on Miraal’s scratch free accident and the miraculous recovery at the end. Spinal cord injuries DON’T heal at the snap of a finger. Uff! Matlab kuch bhi!?!

    • You’re most welcome Sam!! I know right! The writer literally took every serious issue and gave it a fairytale-like treatment, I hope he will not be writing any more dramas because clearly he lacks the vision altogether and is not responsible enough.

  • Thanks for the wonderful review. This drama hasn’t tackled a single issue intelligently. The characters were shallow and remained the same till end. Hassan got even worse, he was also RESPONSIBLE for ruining his and Anaya’s life. Moreover, why all negative characters aplogize and get over with anything. Miraal has ruined the lives of two familie yet she was forgiven. I wonder why this drama was titled as Sabaat (permanent, everlasting)? Does writer wants to convey that these types of cliched dramas are everlasting and viewers will continue to suffer till eternity.

    • You’re most welcome Javed. Absolutely agree with you! In the end, the writer turned towards religion to make Anaya forgive Hassan, last refuge ;) Sabaat will go down in history as the most pointless drama.

  • The timeframe of recovery of a spinal cord injury is pretty long. Surprisingly the baby remained a baby throughout that period. No character sketches, no timeframes, no going on research boards. It’s extremely irritating!

  • I soo wanted Hasan to find out truth himself .. but oh well 😔I just came here to say that the dramatization of accident scene was so close to reality . They even showed the car mirror smash . Wow .

    • MD’s accident scenes are so realistic. In Bin Roye Armeena’s character’s accident has to be the most realistic one yet.

  • Main miral k achanak turning point py hiran hu ksi b normal insan ko thora arsa lgta hai apni ghaltiun ko smjhny mai unka aiteraf krny mai. Ye kia bat hoi k idr miral ka accident hoa or hospital ja k us negativity sy bhari larki ko ahsas ho gya k sari ghaltian meri thien. Is ka to yehe matlb hoa sara drama miral k Bird ghumta tha. A aya ko b itni jaldi Hussan ko maf ni krna chiey tha

    • Bilkul aisa hi hei, writer ne aise change kiya sb kuch jese koi grade 1 ki kahani ho with a moral lesson wese actually un kahanio mei bhi is se ziada dum hota hei!

  • Well atleast Haris redeemed himself. But you are spot on that Miraal has a personality disorder, either narcissistic or borderline. but she is shown to completely change overnight. This does not happen with personality disorders. As a rule, people with personality disorders do not believe there is something wrong with them. Rather the world around them is messed up. so they never seek help and if they ever do, it takes years of therapy to reduce the toxicity. Also equally bad and pukeworthy was Hassan’s weak and lame character. Completely volatile. Why did they show Anaya who is supposed to be the strong woman with a mind of her own go back to such an ass of a husband.

    • Precisely! It is sad that the writers do not have enough exposure or knowledge to show such evil characters as people who have such disorders because surely this is not normal! It is something that needs addressing and treatment. I agree with you about Hassan, totally dependent on Miraal baji, not happy about this ending at all.

  • Wait….what? That doesn’t even qualify to be called an apology! The writer could’ve made that scene so impactful and worthy of the last episode, but….nevermind, we’ve had quite a few disappointments already!

    Did the writer want us to sympathize with Miraal’s condition? I didn’t! Miraal suddenly felt sorry because Ali ran away after her accident? Really? Nothing else made her feel sorry….and the way she told everything to Hassan was just so rushed! The only thing good about the last episode was the way Anaya’s mother found a reason to go on with her life. Also, the chemistry between Miraal nd Harris, that was missing throughout the drama, was seen in the brief scenes that Miraal and Harris had.

    Thanks Fatima for your reviews and discussions. All the best for the next one!

  • ایک مرتبہ کا ذکر ہے کہ ایک تھی نانی اور اس کی کاپی تھی میرال کی جوانی۔ پھریوں تھا کہ مر گئی تھی نانی اور پورے ڈرامے میں کسی نے کسی کی نہیں مانی۔ اچانک سے ہی رائٹر نے کچھ کرنے کی ٹھانی اور ایسی ٹھانی کہ بنا ڈالی عجیب پریم کی غریب ترین کہانی،

  • Perfect review Fatima!
    Two of the HUM TV dramas ended last night. Started watching both of them, left in the middle and now watched last episodes. The interesting thing is both used ‘accidents’ to make bad guys realize what they have been doing their whole life. So disappointed! Ye magical accidents time se ho jaate to itna torture na sehna parta audience ko. HUM TV is constantly making ‘Oonchi Dookans with Veryyy Pheekay Pakwaans’.
    PS: I want you to review Ek Jhooti Love Story pleaaaseeee!

    • Thank you so much Pakistan Po, it is always good to hear from you. Really? I did not watch the last episode of Tarap, they should have done something different, that is really lame. LOL!! yes totally. You are so right about that, sick of these onchi dukans now! Moo ka ziada hi kharab kr diya aur time elehda waste.

      Pakistan Po, Zahra wanted to review it but I am not sure if she is going to. It looks so good, will definitely be watching it.

  • Did Haris not sound preachy all of a sudden?on and on about this life and the next to a wife who couldnt stand you earlier?

  • I hundred percent agree with you Fatima.
    I always like happy endings but this was rather stupid, miraculous and most unconvincing ending. I wonder how suddenly Miral changed her mind and become soooo good. And what about saith Fareed? he was also very easily changed into a polite and reasonable man just coz of Miraal and he forgets all his hatred which he had for Anaya as she was poor.
    And Fatima not for few hours rather it seems to me that In hospital she has been for few days as after major accident no other injuries on face and rest of the body was shown. Miral shown so comfortable and content after being paralysed was also strange.
    The psycho girl Miral completely overshadowed the competent wise and capable character of Anaya. To see Miraal as Queen and Anaya on loosing side was very disappointing.

    • Hena! How Disappointing. Wohi na, as soon as Miraal changed everyone else changed too, the thought process behind the change was completely overlooked. So confused about the timeline but then the writer never really gave the timeline any priority, forever confusing.

      Absolutely agree with you! Queen of narcissism LOL!!

  • I so much agree to each and every word, why was she running n ruling everyone’s life, that was an unexpected sudden ending, n only Hassan got to realise his mistakes just because NOW miral wanted this to happen.
    That was really disappointing.