Seeta Bagri Episode 04 Review – Interesting Episode!

Ohkay so, to be honest, after the very first episode, this one was another episode of Seeta Bagri that I thoroughly enjoyed watching because now everything has started to unfold & the director shifted the focus on other aspects too. Now when the director has introduced us to the main characters & their backstories, I am sure he is now going to show us how their lives are going to unravel. Even though there is some sort of filminess to Seeta Bagri, but it still makes it a very interesting watch!

6 months passed after Ratan & Nandini’s marriage & looks like they both are pretty much settled with each other now. Seeta has moved on & she is still focused on her education whereas Ratan & Nandini, like a newly wedded couple are now considering starting their own family. Mala is still chirpy as ever & she is still trying to find ways as to how she can make some money so that she can stop feeling a burden on her cousin brother Ratan!

The event which I liked the most in this episode was the developing interest of Taimur & Aleezay in the Hindu community of Karachi. I really liked the first meeting of Taimur & Aleezay with Badri & his family. It shows that their NGO is working hard to bring some little changes in the Hindu community to be able to make them feel secured & empowered. All the things that Badrinath & Ratan had to say about them being a part of Pakistan was actually quite sweet, but what I liked the most was that despite seeing how peacefully the entire Hindu community was leading their lives, Aleezay & Taimur still wanted to bring some changes & wanted to help them.

I also liked how by showing Ratan & his good relationship with Haji Sahab, the drama makers have highlighted the fact that how Hindus & Muslims co-exist in Pakistan & peacefully at that. It was actually quite nicely portrayed that where Haji Sahab helped Ratan by giving him an advice about his personal life, Ratan took the matters in his hands when he heard that Haji Sahab was being pestered by the extortionists. This particular aspect has been covered very nicely & it most certainly conveys a very strong message about how people from different backgrounds can still support & empower each other just on the basis of humanity & brotherhood!

Mala wants to go to Dubai because according to her neighbor she can give dance classes & make some money. While Seeta supports Mala for what she wants to do, Nandini refuses to allow Mala to go to because she fears that this will create a rift between Ratan & Nandini. Nandini is financially sound & stable, that is why she is making the decisions in their family now as she knows that no matter what happens, she will be able to deal with everything. Even though it was random & once again seemed a little too sudden, it was good to see that Ratan was emotionally settled with Nandini now & even he wants to have a child, because seeing he love he had for Seeta, I assumed that may be Ratan won’t grow into this marriage especially in a setting where he’d get to be around Seeta all the time. It was also good that Seeta has moved on & she is not focused on Ratan anymore, yes, she does feel sad at times, but more than being sad or sorry for herself, she is happy for Nandini & Ratan which makes Seeta very respectable & admirable!

Overall, this episode was quite interesting. As much as Saeen’s character was unimpressive, the end of his character was unimpressive too. Also, Mala spoke about her dance class opportunity in the previous episodes too which was before the lapse of 6 months, so I found it a little lack of attention that even after 6 months had passed, an impatient girl like Mala was still stuck on the same thing. I guess some sort of progress should’ve been shown in her track too. The preview of the next episode suggested that things are going to become a little more complicated may be in the Hindu community because of the brawl Ratan will have with the extortionists, also Mala will try to elope but I am sure Nandini or Seeta will bring her back. All the actors have done a wonderful job but I enjoy watching Qavi Khan & Sarwat Gillani’s performances the most. I wish the costume designers had given Sarwat some more options for clothing because where Mala & Nandini’s outfits keep on changing & are quite nice, Seeta is pretty much seen in a singe pair of Shalwar Kameez all the time! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Seeta Bagri!

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