Teri Raza Episode 04 Review – Serious Comedy!

Ohkay so, another week, another cringe-filled episode of Teri Raza. I am actually quite glad that after an intense & engaging drama like Alif Allah Aur Insaan which requires my utmost attention for reviewing, Teri Raza is kind of light-hearted (lol) in a sense that it doesn’t require me to keep my eyes glues to the screen throughout the episode because everything is just so predictable & has been-there-seen-that written all over it that I already know how things are going to unfold & how the story is going to dish out!

Well, I must say, the biggest cringe factor in this drama is Imtiyaz’s character. They have shown him as a very decent & genteel sort of a person who is very affectionate & caring towards Suhana, but I really find him selfish. If Imtiyaz was so considerate, he would’ve spoken to Suhana first & foremost before telling his mother like a teenager that he is in love with this girl & wants to marry her? I found all of his concerns so boring & pointless because they were coming after his engagement with Suhana so has he really left any choice for her to tell him the truth that she saw him as her Bhai? Imtiyaz’s claim that Suhana means the world to him made me roll my eyes so hard, because just before that he was telling himself that he needs to know her, rather he should get to know her better, so like where did this love come from? Only because he saw Suhana’s outer beauty, he felt she was his Ms. Right? Seriously, considering his age, a lot more maturity was expected from Paa Mmtyaz! Also, it makes him look quite stupid where he is unable to read between the lines & he is unable to see Suhana’s discomfort & unease in front of him. She is not the same girl anymore, she doesn’t react the same way, doesn’t talk to him the same way so I really fail to understand where has his experience gone, considering his age, that he can not see that she isn’t happy. Seriously, to call Suhana up ‘AFTER’ engagement only to ask if she was happy was the funniest thing I saw today!

Can someone please tell me why do Manzura & Suhana always get rattled whenever Talat, Suhana’s mother walks in on them? Like she is your mother or you mistake her as some ghost? I know the actor playing the character of Talat can really take howling to another level (have been a victim of that in the past) but in this drama she is being quite civil, so to see such weird reactions really make me laugh out loud!

Finally, Rameez came back & found out about Suhana’s engagement. Suhana all this while was sporting a forlorn face to tell everyone how ‘bechari’ & ‘mazloom’ she is whereas she chose to impose this ‘bechargi’ on her, herself. I find it amusing how Suhana is blaming the entire world for her engagement whereas she was the one who tried to play the hero & wanted to save the day by going ahead with what the ‘Istikhara’ suggested! Seriously, to hear the emphasis on ‘Istikhara’ throughout the episode that too for all the wrong reasons was another amusing thing in tonight’s episode. I think just because they have tried to make things so serious, they pushed it to that limit where after a certain level you end up laughing & this is what has happened with Teri Raza, because where everyone on my screen is trying to look so intense & serious, I sit here laughing out loud at how ridiculous everything is turning out to be. I think for that reason this drama can be classified as a serious-comedy!

So, Rameez made a huge fuss about Suhana’s engagement & tried to convince her that his father was lying. I couldn’t believe that even after hearing such demeaning words from Rameez where he accused Suhana of getting engaged to Mmtyaz for the sake of money, she sat there second guessing Istikhara only to give Rameez a second chance thinking that may be his father did lie & Rameez was telling the truth? Seriously? How desperate are you Suhana/Desperatana?

Looks like the only thing the team of Teri Raza is proud of is the OST, that is why they overuse it & sadly, someone should remind them that it is going to lose its charm too because in reality, that actually is the only good thing about this drama followed by those awesome drone shots of Karachi which look even more amazing in 1080p quality. Speaking of 1080p, I am not nitpicking but I wish the makeup artist had kept a blotting powder/blotting paper in his/her kit for Sanam Baloch because at times she looks so sweaty, especially her upper lip. She is beautiful, there’s no doubt about that but when the video is uploaded in 1080p quality, you tend to notice a lot of unnecessary things which you then can’t get out of your mind! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza!

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