Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 10 Review – Family Affair!

Ohkay so, even though this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar came with a major plot twist, I found it a bit too slow for my liking. Yes, I do understand that not every single episode can promise a lot of drama or a fast pace but the fact that there was so much focus on Usman’s family function, it kind of made things a bit too boring for me. Anyways, I am glad that everything is done & now the future episodes will be eventful & relevant to the actual story. I wish in stead of focusing so much on Daniyal’s family, they had shown us a scene or two of Zubiya as well.

So, the major chunk of this episode was dedicated to Usman & his wife’s anniversary celebration which Asfand, Gaiti & Faryal were planning for. Yes, for a change it is good to see such a family on screen that shares casual conversations & has a great relationship but then again, these scenes look good when they last for a few seconds as they make things light-hearted but such scenarios can definitely not fill the entire episode to make it interesting. In the middle of this, what I liked was how Gaiti was constantly trying to read what was on her husband Daniyal’s mind. I wish Daniyal hadn’t kept things to himself & he had shared something with her before he fell into the pit that was set for him.

Finally, Daniyal got heed of Urooj & he felt suspicious therefore he decided to have a background check on her but then again, I found it a bit unconvincing since Daniyal himself knew he was handling such a complicated case & was fighting such a powerful man, he should’ve been mindful of these things beforehand. I liked the way Daniyal threw a curve-ball at Urooj to confirm the doubts that he had about her but then again, he couldn’t see what was coming. I think before hiring her, Daniyal should’ve inquired about her but then again, they had to show all this to add twists & turns into the story.

Urooj finally did what she was assigned for & she succeeded in trapping Daniyal effortlessly. I still find it a bit unconvincing that in the lobby of his office, there were no CCTV cameras, like considering they are in such a field where they have to deal with people from all walks of life, it is a bit too unrealistic that this detail was missing. If they had shown this to be from the 90’s era, I would’ve given them a benefit of the doubt but then seeing they are showing us this drama in 2017, this does seem to be a loophole.

So, Usman found out about everything & rushed to see Daniyal but in stead of telling him that everything was going to be alright, Usman continued to whine about how wrong Daniyal’s decision was. I think in stead of blaming Daniyal & telling him that he shouldn’t have taken Noori’s case, Usman should reflect on himself first as to what he did to keep his son safe from getting into trouble, that too when he himself directly received a threat from Rab Nawaz Shah.

Overall, this episode was a bit too slow but yes, the things that needed to be covered which actually mattered were executed decently. It was interesting how within a few seconds after receiving the call about Urooj, Daniyal understood that she was upto something, like he could sense some trouble there & Shaz Khan acted out that entire scene brilliantly. I liked Hira Mani’s acting in this episode as well, like she has been performing well but in this episode especially the concern on Gaiti’s face for her husband was showcased perfectly by her. I am actually looking forward to the next episode because looks like Zubiya will come back into the picture too & Daniyal will have to convince his unreasonable father that he is not guilty. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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