Yeh Raha Dil Last Episode Review – It Could’ve Been Well, Even Though It Ended Well!

Ohkay so, finally, Yeh Raha Dil came to an end. As much as I am happy with the ending, I wish I could’ve said that about the way the ending was approached. The drama-makers expect us to tune to their drama (despite all the dragging) right till the end & just when the viewers do that in order to see their favorite characters together, they are given probably last 30 seconds of the drama together thinking it will be enough? I remember a lot of viewers complained about the fact that Hayat & Zaki being the lead pair didn’t have much scenes together but I always thought they must be saving the best for the last & we will get to see their magical scenes (& a lot of them) but now I feel trolled & yes, the drama-makers being responsible for it who literally gave the coverage to every other character for weeks & not Hayat & Zaki who we all were watching the drama for in the first place. Yes, I do understand that their relationship went through a lot of phases but to literally treat them as an after-thought was a bad bad idea! I don’t know why but I feel our drama-makers know how to kick start a drama but they really lack the knowledge of how to reach a perfect ending & this is exactly what happened with Yeh Raha Dil as well.

So, Salman came back & apologized to Hayat, even though I wasn’t expecting his return since it didn’t make any difference anymore, but the closure to this aspect was a bit too unrealistic. At least Hayat could’ve fought with him like the way she always did, it was good that she forgave him but demanding a little explanation wouldn’t have hurt. Yes, Hayat was at a happy place since she got her parents back, a sister, her home, enough finances to lead a stable life so it didn’t really matter to her what Salman did but at least Salman owed her an explanation!

Ohkay, even though I liked that Nida was shown leaving no stone unturned to convince everyone around her that she didn’t want to get married to Zaki since he & Hayat belonged together but I found those scenes a bit too unnecessarily long, like they could’ve easily cut down on them to accommodate others’ or if not anyone else; Hayat & Zaki’s scenes since they were the main leads. The conversation between Zaki, Nida & Jimmy was way too stretched because they kept on repeating the same things over & over again. Nida already explained herself to Zaki & told him the reason why she was backing out but looked like she had to do a whole lot of explaining once again only to fill the duration of the episode.

I really liked how they showed Hayat reflecting on everything that had happened in her life lately, where she was thankful for each & everything as this is exactly what she wanted but yes, she was dreading the idea of Zaki’s return in her life, even though in the end, she was the one who approached & confessed, so I guess it would’ve made so much sense if they had told what changed in her like what convinced her to go by what Nida wanted?

I never really thought that I would say, but out of all the conversations, I had a good laugh at Nida & Hassan’s conversation because his dialogues provided that comedy quotient that this drama was once known for. I mean how simple & plain could he be where he was being informed that he was played upon & he was comparing himself & his situation to Shahrukh Khan that too based on hypothesis? Oh well, Hassan did have a slip of tongue where he said ‘achi family ki larki’, hmmmm so even he wasn’t so unconditionally in love with Hayat & it was obvious that after seeing Hayat’s lifestyle & her family, Hassan thought it wasn’t a bad idea to be with a girl like her as it would help him secure his future & to be honest, it looked like he was more sad for missing out on the opportunity in stead of mourning Hayat’s loss, lol!

So, talking about the last scene, I so wish they had recreated that magical chemistry that both Hayat & Zaki once shared but since they didn’t have much time & they were rushing, they just brought in the flavor of the love-hate relationship that they both had. I am not sure why Zaki wasn’t the one who approached Hayat since he was going through so much of pain to play tricks on her so now when Nida was out of his life, what was he waiting for? I liked the fact that the writer gave a message that in stead of rushing into the marriage, both Hayat & Zaki set goals for themselves, like showcasing that they had their own life & priorities, even though it saddened me because I assumed we’d be getting to see Dilbar Jahangir (DJ) for the last time performing on their wedding so it didn’t happen but I still liked the fact that the drama didn’t end on a typical happily-ever-after note!

Overall, this episode was good but it could’ve been so much better. There was too much rona dhona for my liking, especially in a drama which started off as a rom-com. Yes, the things that needed closure needed this sort of treatment but just the way they added some bits of comedy through Hassan, they could’ve done that through other characters too in order to stay true to the genre of the drama. Even though the parents had their happy ending, but I wish they had shown their reactions on this matter too, where they had encouraged & appreciated Nida for her honesty & selflessness & had given their nod of approval to Hayat & Zaki. I feel so much else could’ve been done in this last episode but it was an opportunity wasted. However, I liked the fact that the writer very intelligently brought out the originality of the characters & kept them true to who they were introduced as. Nida chose to be stubborn just the way she was introduced even though she had so many people telling her that she shouldn’t call off this marriage. Zaki stayed confused even when the coast was clear & still wanted someone else (in this case Hayat) to take charge of the situation, like he just knew that he loved her but didn’t know the way to go about it. Hayat stayed calm & relaxed even after seeing the one who betrayed her in the worst possible way, like these were the details that I loved & enjoyed watching, it showcased the ability of the writer & the clear cut vision of his with which he conceived those characters!

I must thank the writer Mustafa Afridi for giving us such amazing characters & some very amusing dialogues throughout this drama. I will especially thank him for writing the character of Haroon, such a cool father who in stead of blaming anyone else, always held his son accountable for his mistakes & shortcomings. I loved his sarcastic one-liners that he directed at Zaki in order to wake him up but it just didn’t happen. I enjoyed Hayat’s character too & Zaki was an interesting hero as well who stayed confused right till the end. Fatima’s character was another interesting addition to the story where she was unapologetically herself & didn’t believe in posing to be someone she wasn’t. I wish they had shed a bit more light on what went wrong between Affaq & Hayat’s mother because during the drama it was hinted that something or the other will be revealed but it looked like a forgotten detail, like I was actually interested to find out the reason behind them drifting apart. I will especially thank Arjumand Azhar Hussain & Ayesha Sana for their phenomenal performances, just loved watching them as Haroon & Fatima. Imran Peerzada performed decently too. Adnan Jaffar deserves a special mention for playing the character of Jimmy with such finesse that he made us laugh even in the most complicated situations. Ahmed Ali Akbar & Yumna Zaidi were perfect as Zaki & Hayat & stayed in their element throughout the drama. The one who impressed me the most with the improved acting was Anum Gohar, like I could never imagine that the girl who was the weakest actor in the drama Kathputli had this much potential to perform like she was just amazing as Nida & lived the character of a fierce competitive model to perfection. Last but definitely not the least, I will thank Ehtashamuddin for becoming memorable Dilbar Jahangir & making us laugh hysterically! The director did a brilliant job as well but after a certain point it became a bit too obvious that even he couldn’t have a grip on the story because the producers chose to swoop in & told him to stretch the drama. I so wish Hum TV stops doing that because they have ruined some amazing amazing dramas by resorting to this practice.

Will I still recommend this drama to those who are interested in binge-watching it? Most certainly yes because it would be easier for them to skim through those episodes where the story lost its charm & became unreasonably stagnant. For me, it is going to remain such a drama that I have mixed feelings about, like I loved more than half of it but the ending part failed to keep my interest intact. Overall, I will still say it was a good & fun experience to tune to Yeh Raha Dil. Please share your thoughts about this interesting drama!

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