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Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 21!

*Oh My God*, *Whistles*, *Hi5*, Whistles & some more Whistles! Ohkay so (on high demand of my dear readers), this episode of Diyar-e-Dil was absolutely brilliant, I loved it, I loved it, I loveddd it. It was so well directed & right from the beginning till the end, it offered us everything that we all were waiting for. I must thank the director Haseeb Hassan for directing Diyar-e-Dil oh so brilliantly because this episode really made me say ‘itnay arsay baad kisi drama ko dekhne ka maza aa gaya’.

Even though this whole episode was a highlight of the drama for me but the scene that I really loved was the showdown between Faarah, Ruhina, Tajjamul & Zohra. I am so glad that Faarah has shown her real side; the side that we all loved before, the side which shows that she is a logical, reasonable & sane person who knows how to put two & two together & the side that shows that Faarah also knows how to differentiate right from wrong. I am so glad that even though it took her a lot of time & courage to say these words, she waited for the right time to make her family realize that she isn’t oblivious of what they have been doing since the day she got married to Wali & Agha Jaan decided to bear her expenses. It was a high time Faarah told her mother that she won’t fall prey to her emotional blackmailing & I was over the moon when I heard her say those words because the way Ruhina along with Tajjamul planned to grab a chunk of property from Agha Jaan was something that they deserved to get insulted for. Faarah has a high self-esteem & dignity that is why she was always in a state of confusion when she saw her mother using Agha Jaan’s money but never ever acknowledging him for all that he has been doing for them. It was a perfect time for Faarah to tell everyone that she is Behroz’s daughter & not Ruhina’s. I just didn’t want Faarah to stop Ruhina from leaving & I thought it was very wise of her to do so because this way she told her mother that all these tactics won’t make her budge anymore & that she has had enough. Even though Faarah might not have understood that all the love Agha Jaan has been showering her with is genuine, but for starters she does understand that Ruhina is using her & her mother has been wrong right from day one.

I am glad that Tajjamul & Zohra also faced the brunt for the things they have been doing. ‘Lagai Bhujai’ is just exactly what Zohra has done all these years but Ruhina must take the crown for maligning everyone’s mind against her husband Behroz & who else could’ve been a perfect person to say that to Ruhina’s face except Faarah? I think now when Ruhina will take some time off & think about all the things that Faarah has said, she will understand that she has lost all the respect that Faarah had for her. I loved the exchange of glance between Tajjamul & Zohra when Faarah said she will decide what she would do with her bank balance, it shows how shallow & mean they are because they absolutely don’t care about Ruhina & all that they were worried about was the money they could earn through Faarah. That whole confrontation was thoroughly well-done & without over-doing anything, they conveyed Faarah’s state of mind with absolute perfection. I must say Maya Ali stole the show in the first half of the episode because this is the Faarah I was waiting for & she elaborated her perfectly in this episode. From now on, I just hope we get to see a strong-headed & composed Faarah & she doesn’t go back to being a toddler, because that’s not what we want to see & given the circumstances, she has to deal with everything with a lot more maturity.

Even though it was quite a short scene but I am so glad they always show Zarmeenay having a say or two about the current scenario. Her thoughts on Agha Jaan’s reports & her fear of losing her grandfather were heart-touching. Similarly, Arjumand’s conversations about each & every member of the family every time show that she is an important part of Wali’s life & she is the one Wali knows he can rely on. Even though he doesn’t want to burden her with the bitter truths but I find their interactions very genuine & sweet.

Ohkay, now shall I talk about the scene at which I & my sisters had a whistle-spree & a round of applause? Yes, I am talking about the scene where Wali, all dressed in a leather jacket goes to bring his ‘wife’ to Agha Jaan? Oh My God! Osman Khalid Butt NAILED IT. His body language, his expressions, the throw of his voice & the wrath in his eyes, each & every emotion of Wali in that particular moment was conveyed perfectly by OKB. As far as I heard, the writer here changed the scenario & made it a lot more dramatic & I am so glad that the writer did it because it this was a life-changing moment for Faarah & this scene had to be a dramatic game-changer. I feel the execution of these scenes justified why the writer must’ve changed the whole scenario & who doesn’t like a bit more drama within a drama? :)

I am so glad that finally Ruhina & Faarah have parted because this way, Faarah will get to have a clear vision & a clean perspective of her surroundings. She won’t be having a negative person to malign her heart & mind against her own people. She now wouldn’t have to worry about what her mother would think if she drew closer to her people. I am glad that Ruhina & Faarah parted on such a bitter note because this was necessary for Faarah to understand that if there’s someone that Ruhina genuinely cares about, that is Ruhina herself & no one else, not even her daughter. Ruhina is an insecure woman, who didn’t get the satisfaction even after snatching Behroz away from Agha Jaan, that is why she speaks about how Agha Jaan is doing the same with her in regards to Faarah. Ruhina’s insecurity also gets justified because every time she is made to face her wrongdoings, she opts for an easy way & walks out every single time because deep down she also knows she has nothing to justify her stance & everything that Faarah says is accurate about her. Ruhina knows how to play the blame game but when she is at the receiving end, she doesn’t have the guts to face it & accept it.

I loved all the conversations in this episode because all the dialogues were spot on. Faarah’s repeated mention about her money, her property & her bank balance hit the bull’s-eye because it showed that she has understood why even Tajjamul & Zohra were so much involved in hers & Ruhina’s matters. I must say this again, Maya Ali stole the show tonight, followed by our angry young man OKB. I am so glad that the casting directors chose Maya & OKB for the characters of Faarah & Wali & I am so glad that these two actors did justice to these characters. I can’t wait for the next episode already because this is getting so intense.

Oh! Before wrapping the review up, I must commend the director for paying special attention to detail, like the backdrop in the hospital scene took me back to the time when Arjumand was admitted to the hospital, because the furniture & the backdrop fitted that era & now when Arjumand & Wali were having a conversation in the hospital again, it depicted the current era. Also, the calendar showed the year 2014 in Ruhina & Irum’s scene because there’s still some story left which shows that a few months or even an year is left to be covered in this drama. Hats off to the whole team of Diyar-e-Dil for giving us quality entertainment after such a long long time. :) Please share your thoughts about this episode of Diyar-e-Dil & tell me again how amazing it was. :)

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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