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Ishq Tamasha 2

Ishq Tamasha Episode 5 Review-Misunderstandings!

Misunderstandings have started developing and this episode was filled with them. Mirha’s chachi is striving hard to make things unbearable for her. She has played the character of a typical relative we can always see around us. As she knows Mirha is an orphan and no one will stand for her, she is using every trick in her pocket to make her life miserable. The Rishta scene showed how much she discriminates between Mirha and her own daughter. Her only motive right now is to get rid of Mirha so her only son would not marry her. Wahaj though tries to stan up for Mirha but he is not really capable of handling the situation. Consequently, chachi will try to create a gap between Mirha and Wahaj by making Mirha look like some kind of gold digger who is hawaon main.

Rushna loves Mirha and is trying to make things better for her. But she is materialistic too and that is where things will go sour. The car number plate misunderstanding will happen in the next episode and she will mistake Mehrab for Arham. Mehrab who is shown to be the better-looking sibling will be an agreeable standard for Rushna. Though it is understandable that Arham was trying to impress Rushna with a huge car and all but he could still have sent her a photo after all the bills he has paid to impress her already but then we know the story wouldn’t move forward.

Mehrab is facing the same problem Rushna will face in the next episode. He was falling for Mirha but then the hospital encounter and the shopping centre encounter is making him think that Mirha is Meena, the girl his brother is obsessing over. The four leads will entangle in these misunderstandings and if that was not enough, the boys’ phupho is also not very approving of Arham’s choice.

Let’s see how things get better for Mirha and how Rushna will settle for the (apparently) less handsome brother!