Dil-e-Muzter Episode 4 – Love Overpowering Hate!

Another episode that kept me hooked throughout! At first, I could understand why Adeel was behaving so rudely with Silah but now his behavior has turned cruel towards her. He is being extremely unreasonable and his behavior has become intolerable to watch. He is trying his best to make Silah regret her decision of marrying him and he is in no mood to forgive her. Silah, on the other hand, is refusing to break down and forgives Adeel for all his insults and taunts. She is being patient and cooperative as she knows that Adeel is angry now, but he would not be able to remain angry at her for long. At one point or the other, he will realize how much she loves him and reciprocate her feelings. She firmly believes that her love will overpower all his hate towards her.

I felt really felt bad for Silah in this episode. Adeel kept on hurting her and making her cry with his crude words. The scene where Safeena calls Silah and he snatches the phone from her and listens to all the insults and later on, the way he screams at her so badly made me cringe. Also, the way he scolded and insulted her just for going out for shopping with his friend’s wife Nabeela without his permission was just pathetic! Silah is trying her best to adjust to this situation and never complains about anything. And surprisingly, this irks Adeel more as he hates her for being so cooperative and obedient. She obeys all his orders without questioning him even once.
I must say, I really liked Adeel’s friend Sami as he was trying to make Adeel realize how lucky he is to have a wife like Silah, he kept on giving examples of how other wives behave with their husbands and how demanding they can be. This makes Adeel think and he finally notices that Silah does not ask anything for herself. This softens him a little towards her. He is finally realizing how much she had put at stake to be a part of his life. She has lost all her relationships because of her love for him and has no one expect him now. Adeel kept on thinking why Silah is enduring his unreasonable behavior towards her silently and why she never complains, he just cannot digest the fact that someone can love him so much but Sami makes him realize this fact. He tells Adeel that she chose this kind of life, full of hardships, because she truly loves him.

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Adeel has finally started to think of Silah in a positive light, his anger is slowly dissipating and he is starting to think from Silah’s point of view too. I absolutely loved the scene where they get an invitation from Sami and his wife to come to their place for dinner and he wears the shirt she had gifted him for his birthday. Silah notices this and comments that he looks nice! I loved the way she said ‘Ap Bohat Ache Lag Rahe Hai’ and the way she innocently asked Adeel ‘Mein Kaisi Lag Rahi Hun?’ and Adeel’s cold ‘Theek Hai’ brought a smile to my face. His attitude is slowly improving towards her as he refrained from taunting or making a vile comment this time. Phew! What a relief!

There were a few scenes in the episode that brought a huge smile on my face. The scene where he rudely orders her not to call him ‘Adi’ and she replies that it is a very old habit with a smile made him realize that his anger, taunts, insults and unrealistic demands have absolutely no effect on her. This makes him extremely frustrated! It was absolutely delightful to see him in this frustrated state. He totally deserved it!

Safeena has finally showed her true colors as she lies to Zamaan about Silah asking for her share in the inheritance when Safeena had called her. In reality, she had called Silah to insult her and to tell her that they have no relation with her anymore. She even tells her not to come back to them if Adeel kicks her out. She brainwashed Zamaan so much against Silah that he disowned her from his inheritance. He has decided to break all ties with her and both of them have decided to shift to Canada. Silah will be very upset when she will get to know that her parents have left without even informing her.

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What I loved about the episode was that it was extremely fast paced and did not drag at all. All the scenes were a delight to watch because of the amazing chemistry between Sanam and Imran. The preview for the next episode seems very promising and I am eagerly looking forward to the next episode.

Keep watching the show! A lot of things are coming up!

Mariam Shafiq.

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